IoT and Bluetooth Beacons Make Construction Yard Digital

Always know where your tools and machinery are. That’s the benefit the construction company Otto Heil derives from its digital asset management.

Connected Production Eases Burden on Skilled Workers

As machines and manufacturing processes grow increasingly complicated companies need to rethink the work environment of their skilled production workers. The Internet of Things has a central role to play in this process.

Total Overview Thanks to Connected Logistics

With a shortage of skilled operatives, fragile supply chains, and rising costs, logistics enterprises face major challenges. Digital solutions based on the IoT are the answer.

How Digitization Improves Value Creation

The new Smarter Production trendbook shows how digitization optimizes value creation by production facilities in three central areas. Three SMBs demonstrate how to make a success of it.

Telekom and RUD Take Conveyor Systems into the Cloud

In many power stations nothing functions without RUD conveyor chains. They keep coal-fired power stations running smoothly, for example, by ensuring the continuous removal of ash.

Smarter Production: Hints on How to Go About It

In-house digitization is seen as a key value driver for industrial enterprises, but all the value-adding processes must first be connected. The Smarter Production trendbook is full of practical hints on how to go about it.

Smartify the Industry 4.0 Way

As smart manufacturing gains momentum, data-driven business models based on the Internet of Things are adding smart services to complement products – and improve the customer experience. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG shows how to go about it.

Digitized Workplaces Ease Industrial Employees’ Workload

Technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), 5G, or AI (Artificial Intelligence) enable industrial enterprises to improve employees’ working conditions – in the warehouse, in field service, and in production.

Smart Manufacturing for Digital Value Creation

Digital value creation results from the benefits that smart products and services offer. Enterprises should develop them close to their core business. Best example: 3D printing and augmented reality in remote maintenance.

Smart factory? Not without a digital twin

Digital twins for machines and production equipment are an important part of the Industrial Internet of Things, or Industry 4.0 for short. Digital Twins use IoT data to optimize both production and products.

Breath of Fresh Air from the Internet of Things

Stale air due to defective ventilator fans? Never again. Ziehl-Abegg, a family firm, uses the Internet of Things to provide predictive maintenance of its ventilation and air conditioning technology and to reduce machine downtimes and unnecessary maintenance work.

Digitizing the Automobile Industry with IoT

Connected car, tracking, autonomous driving and predictive maintenance, the Internet of Things is in successful use throughout the automobile industry.

A smart campus network in Swabia

Self-driving transport robots, remote maintenance and automatic status reports: The factory of the future functions autonomously and is networked. Why OSRAM is already working in such a forward-thinking way in Schwabmünchen.

Boosting industrial productivity via remote maintenance

Petko GmbH, a German manufacturer of compressed air systems, uses the Internet of Things to provide remote servicing and predictive maintenance. The digitalization has advantages for both the company and its customers.

Smart metering helps save electricity

Smart meters measure electricity, gas or water consumption by the second and help to reduce costs. These intelligent electricity meters may still be expensive but according to a study, the global market is growing rapidly.

A crystal-clear view of the supply chain

GlasGo colors up to 200,000 pieces of glass each day. But if these are not delivered on time and in perfect condition, the production line comes to a standstill. Discover how Hirsch Glas is tackling this challenge with the Internet of Things (IoT).

Predictive maintenance for high-speed doors with IoT

Icing, warehouse congestion and late deliveries: When a high-speed door is defective, every second counts. But thanks to smart IoT technology, Hörmann uses SmartControl to repair and monitor its industrial doors remotely.

Logistics like clockwork

To stay competitive, automotive suppliers rely on digital solutions. How the supply chain can be optimized with intelligent solutions is demonstrated by the journey of an automatic transmission from production to the customer.

Virtually plan and test IoT projects

With the new online service, the IoT Solution Optimizer, companies can put their planned IoT solutions through their paces digitally well before they even set up real tests or budget their costs.

Reaching for the stars with a digital twin

From flying to Mars to building a better mountain bike: Digital twins make products better and processes more efficient. Discover the advantages to giving objects a real-time digital clone.

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