DB Call a Bike: IoT for Efficient Bike Sharing

Call a Bike, Deutsche Bahn’s bike sharing service, uses LTE-M SIM cards and Telekom’s IoT Solution Optimizer to optimize its offering and product development.

citkar E-Cargo Bike: IoT Trackers Optimize Last Mile

citkar aims to revolutionize last-mile delivery with low-emission, spacious, weatherproof e-cargo bikes. Green IoT technology from Deutsche Telekom and its partner Fleet Complete ensures reliability.

How Digitization Improves Value Creation

The new Smarter Production trendbook shows how digitization optimizes value creation by production facilities in three central areas. Three SMBs demonstrate how to make a success of it.

Green IoT: Sustainability by the Internet of Things

The environment benefits and consumers are grateful when companies reduce CO2 emissions. Find out how the Internet of Things helps fulfill changing customer wishes and operate ecologically at the same time.

Digital Helpers in the Warehouse

In the warehouse, machines are increasingly taking on simple and repetitive tasks so that humans can deal with more complex and varied challenges. How IoT devices and robots optimize efficiency and the work environment.

IoT and Cloud for Better Customer Service

“Delivered in 120 Minutes” is flaschenpost’s USP, and to deliver on this proposition in peak periods the beverage supplier now relies on IoT devices and Telekom’s Azure Cloud.

Into the Cloud at the Touch of a Button

Before IoT devices can send their readings to the cloud they require complex activation and authentication. An automated process now reduces the time to market of IoT solutions.

Sustainability in Logistics thanks to IoT & Co.

By 2030 the EU aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by at least 55 percent; Germany’s target is 65 percent. Here’s how enterprises in the logistics industry – and not just there – can improve their sustainability by means of digital technologies.

Smart IoT Box Makes Loss Adjustment Simpler

Water damage in buildings costs billions every year. Dehumidifiers can limit consequential damage and electricity consumption can be measured precisely thanks to the Internet of Things.

What is the Internet of Things?

From connected machines and GPS trackers to autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things has many faces. It is often not clear exactly what the IoT is – and what benefits it offers enterprises and society.

Smart Manufacturing for Digital Value Creation

Digital value creation results from the benefits that smart products and services offer. Enterprises should develop them close to their core business. Best example: 3D printing and augmented reality in remote maintenance.

Energy for the future: Smart grid business models

Intelligent metering systems and smart grids will ensure that we can depend on renewable energy to provide our electricity in the near future. These innovation are also sparking new business models.

Supply Chain – Transparency Leads to Success

Flexible supply chains are a decisive competitive advantage. To be better able to react to unforeseen developments, companies need transparency and are digitizing their supply chains.

Breath of Fresh Air from the Internet of Things

Stale air due to defective ventilator fans? Never again. Ziehl-Abegg, a family firm, uses the Internet of Things to provide predictive maintenance of its ventilation and air conditioning technology and to reduce machine downtimes and unnecessary maintenance work.

IoT: A key technology for green electricity

Solar power, wind energy, micro cogeneration power plants: energy from renewable sources has become indispensable, but it makes power generation and distribution far more complex. How the Internet of Things is helping make energy management sustainable.

Can the IoT Help Combat Coronavirus?

Can using IoT technology to measure the CO2 level in buildings help prevent coronavirus infections? An innovative solution creates transparency and provides an opportunity to take action.

Intelligent power grids: IoT and the energy revolution

The energy sector is changing: Coal-fired power plants and nuclear reactors are giving way to wind turbines and solar panels to cover our future energy needs. What role will the Internet of Things play for electrical grid operators and consumers?

Retail: Change of Perspective for a Clearer View

The Smarter Retail trendbook comes with practical tips, best practice examples and experts’ opinions. Consumer psychologist Dr Paul Marsden, for example, explains how retailers exceed their customers’ expectations.

IoT Takes Customer Relations to New Level

Examples from different industries demonstrate how companies enhance customer satisfaction with the Internet of Things and strengthen customer ties in the process.

Internet of Things Speeds Up Digitization

If a beermat relays the guest’s preferences to the brewery the Internet of Things is sure to be involved. Companies across all industries are increasingly making use of the opportunities that the Internet of Things offers them.

IoT Helps Combat Fine Dust Pollution in the City

Every year, millions of people die from complications caused by air pollution. But a Berlin-based start-up is improving air quality in cities around the world with moss and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Logistics: The Digitization Success Story

Is there a success formula for digital transformation? The Smarter Logistics trendbook recommends to companies the McKinsey three horizons model for long-term sustainable growth.

AVANT facility management: Direct routing, lower costs

50 vehicles, 350 employees and 500 objects: The AVANT Gebäudedienst GmbH team is on the road every day. Recently, an IoT-based solution took over fleet management. The result of the digitalization is clear.

Smart waste: Don’t Trash It!

What with shopping online, having food delivered to your door and working mostly from home, Covid-19 has changed daily life significantly. One result is the growing amount of garbage. Can we deal with it smartly? Find out how the Internet of Things helps organize smart garbage disposal.

Precision for the Mobility of the Future

The autonomous traffic of the future requires a reliably networked infrastructure. And precise positioning from space will help ensure that self-driving cars keep to their lane.

Green Logistics by IoT

Logistics has to operate economically, efficiently and sustainably, and to do so it networks entire supply chains to deliver green logistics by the IoT, which is a major benefit for the environment and a good selling point for customers.

Logistics: Crisis-proof Thanks to Digitization

German logistics enterprises have a reputation for being global leaders. But tech company outsiders like Flexport or Convoy are intensifying the competition. So how are logistics specialists to hold their own?

In Ten Steps to a Successful IoT Project

Sixty percent of IoT projects come to grief at the Proof of Concept stage. These ten steps will get you off to a successful start on the Internet of Things.

Tracking One-Time Shipments is Worth It!

Where are my goods or machines and what condition are they in? For many companies this is information worth its weight in gold. With the Low Cost Tracker it is worth it even for one-time shipments.

How the Internet of Things eases the burden of nursing

Draw blood, change sheets, administer IV drip: The daily routine of nurses is demanding. Documenting the work steps takes up additional time. In the future, with IoT, this will happen at the push of a button.

Why IoT projects need certified hardware

When companies don’t use certified hardware for their IoT solutions, it can have serious consequences. Learn why certification is important and which benefits it provides.

Debunking 5 common IoT myths

IoT is only good for connecting coffee machines or refrigerators to the Internet and it makes devices vulnerable to cyber-attacks – these are just two of several widespread misconceptions about the Internet of Things.

Making Europe’s cities sustainable with IoT

How the Internet of Things (IoT) is making European towns and metropolises into smart cities. Europe’s metropolises are global leaders when it comes to using IoT and smart city technologies to improve sustainability.

Room to improve: Digitalization of logistics

Many logistics firms are already using digital solutions such as the Internet of Things. But when it comes to things like blockchain or AI, there is still room for improvement. So what exactly are the real advantages of smart supply chains?

Smart metering helps save electricity

Smart meters measure electricity, gas or water consumption by the second and help to reduce costs. These intelligent electricity meters may still be expensive but according to a study, the global market is growing rapidly.

Precise positioning

Drones delivering packages, autonomous vehicles and networked construction machinery – they all need exact coordinates to move safely. Precise Positioning makes it now possible.

5G start-ups: Working in a virtual 3D world

Thanks to 5G and edge computing, technologies such as Augmented Reality are becoming a part of our everyday lives. Part 5 of our practice series about forward-looking solutions from tech start-ups.

The 5 biggest misconceptions about NB-IoT

NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) offers completely new possibilities for networking devices and machines in the Internet of Things. However, some misconceptions about the new mobile standard persist.

SAP and Deutsche Telekom get Logistics 4.0 moving

The Internet of Things offers huge opportunities to logistics companies – provided they know how to make the most of the flood of data. An integrated solution from SAP and Deutsche Telekom can help.

Artificial intelligence: The future of logistics

Artificial intelligence will fundamentally change industry in the future. Michael ten Hompel, head of the Fraunhofer Institute, explains why logistics leads the field.

Driving home for Christmas – completely relaxed and without any traffic jams

On a road trip, passengers are able to travel relaxed due to the WLAN hotspot and smart car applications. More and more cars are offering fast Internet and entertainment services thanks to integrated or retrofittable hotspots.

Study: Digitization helps fight driver shortages

The shortage of drivers in the logistics sector has a major impact on operative business. A study by the German logistics association and T-Systems shows how digitalizing logistics can help in the fight against driver shortages.

PAC study on IoT: Hard facts over hype

IoT is establishing itself among Germany’s small and medium-sized businesses. However, companies are no longer limited to monitoring and controlling machines and processes. It enable much more exciting applications.

PAC IoT study: Evolution in the SME sector

IoT is establishing itself among Germany’s small and medium-sized businesses. However, companies are no longer limited to monitoring and controlling machines and processes. It enable much more exciting applications.

PAC study: IoT takes hold in the SME sector

Internet of Things has arrived in the German middle class and is constantly evolving. A new study commissioned by Deutsche Telekom shows cases of use, success factors and action recommendations.

Boosting growth with IoT

According to a study by Ernst & Young, the digital economy offers telecommunications companies plenty of opportunities for growth. Requirement: They develop new business models around IoT and M2M communication.

Virtually plan and test IoT projects

With the new online service, the IoT Solution Optimizer, companies can put their planned IoT solutions through their paces digitally well before they even set up real tests or budget their costs.

MWC19: Smart ideas from Barcelona

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Deutsche Telekom presented innovative solutions and visions for the Internet of Things: Smart City, Smart Factory, Smart Gaming.

AI disrupts the business world

“Eighty percent of all corporate processes can be automated today,” says AI expert Chris Boos. How artificial intelligence is solving the business world’s problems by disrupting it.

Putting the patient in focus

What does the future of medicine look like? How can we better connect patients, doctors and caregivers? And what infrastructure will they need to achieve this? Representatives from Deutsche Telekom discussed these topics and much more with partners, business leaders and healthcare experts including Eckart von Hirschhausen.

Data is where the action will be in the future

More and more companies are discovering that data can fuel completely new business models. Boris Otto, director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering (ISST) and head of its research project Industrial Data Space (IDS), explains why all this data also requires a marketplace.

China's path to digital dominance

China is taking the Internet of Things very seriously: Digitalization is starting to impact all aspects of life in the Asian superpower since the government began to promote and fund public IoT projects. The new strategy "Made in China 2025" aims to make the country's IT sector a global player.

Surging demand for IoT security solutions

The market for IoT security solutions is growing fast. As machines, facilities and smart devices become increasingly linked, additional security measures are required, according to the IT consultancy Gartner.

Challenges of autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are already on our roads – but are drivers really ready for self-driving cars? A look at the remaining legal and technological challenges to be overcome.

Reaching for the stars with a digital twin

From flying to Mars to building a better mountain bike: Digital twins make products better and processes more efficient. Discover the advantages to giving objects a real-time digital clone.

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