Digital Helpers in the Warehouse

In the warehouse, machines are increasingly taking on simple and repetitive tasks so that humans can deal with more complex and varied challenges. How IoT devices and robots optimize efficiency and the work environment.

Digital and Customer-centric: the Future of Retail

Constantly changing customer needs, an increasing focus on sustainability and growing competition from e-commerce mean that stationary traders face challenging times. What opportunities does digitization offer?

IoT and Cloud for Better Customer Service

“Delivered in 120 Minutes” is flaschenpost’s USP, and to deliver on this proposition in peak periods the beverage supplier now relies on IoT devices and Telekom’s Azure Cloud.

Retail: Change of Perspective for a Clearer View

The Smarter Retail trendbook comes with practical tips, best practice examples and experts’ opinions. Consumer psychologist Dr Paul Marsden, for example, explains how retailers exceed their customers’ expectations.

Digital Catering: Professional Cuisine with the IoT

With cookery books from the Cloud, pushbutton cooking and automated HACCP checks, connected kitchen equipment and the Internet of Things (IoT) help chefs to strike a daily balance between quality and efficiency.

Globus: Building the DIY store of the future

Digital price tags, in-store video displays managed centrally and eye-tracking glasses: Globus is one of the most digitalized retailers in Germany. The reason for its success is a highly professional technical infrastructure.

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