Traffic Light System Controls Store Access


Digital measures can help re-open stores after the Covid pandemic, with retailers using a shop-door traffic light system to control access and ensure that permitted customer numbers are not exceeded – and to sound an alarm if they are.

LED Goes Digital: Bright Spot in Building Management


Since the invention of the light bulb no other illuminant has been as successful as LED. An IoT solution developed by Lichtwart and Telekom makes a long runner fit for the future – and helps save energy.

Can the IoT Help Combat Coronavirus?


Can using IoT technology to measure the CO2 level in buildings help prevent coronavirus infections? An innovative solution creates transparency and provides an opportunity to take action.

Making buildings smart with IoT


With wireless sensors that measure the temperature, humidity, brightness and CO2 content of indoor air, the Internet of Things provides more security, comfort and transparency in schools, hospitals and large offices.

Calling for collection: Smart data protection bins


Logistics service provider Rhenus and Telekom have developed a smart IoT level measurement system to enable them to collect their data tons at the optimum time. The task: to store confidential paper documents securely.

Live test: NB-IoT proves indoor effectiveness


The wireless standard NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) makes smart metering more efficient. And now a large measurement test has shown that the transmission technology for building is more effective than all previous solutions.

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