Internet of Things for Business Customers

Telekom-certified hardware components

We offer end-to-end solutions for your IoT application: True to this motto, we don’t just offer the best connectivity and software. Together with our partners, we can also provide you with certified hardware tailored to your individual needs. Regardless if it’s an IoT device, wireless module or special software developer kit – we offer only the best and most secure solutions available.

Certified hardware – the advantages


Thanks to our large partner ecosystem, we only certify hardware proven to be reliable and effective.


We pay close attention to security by design of our partner products as we do with our own products.


Comprehensive service
The hardware we certify completes our portfolio, so we can offer you end-to-end solutions.


We certify only the best. We ensure that you can choose modern hardware from a wide selection of products and partners.

Certified IoT devices

Cars, pallets or machinery – in order to digitize your assets and connect them to the Internet of Things, you need the right IoT device. We have collected the best devices available on the market for you to choose from. Our certification process ensures that you always pick the right device for the job.


Connecting a wide range of child devices to DT's cloud platforms while ensuring proper translation of numerous supported protocols.


Gathering data from connected sensors or data collecting child devices and safely route them to DT's cloud platforms.


Locating your assets all over the world by relying on common positioning technologies such as GPS, GLONASS or Cell ID.

Certified wireless modules

Always online: The certified modules from our best-of-breed partners can keep your vehicles and machinery constantly connected to the Internet of Things. We offer quality connections appropriate for any application, including 3G, LTE and innovative networking standards like NarrowBand IoT – or a combination of them!


DT-certified modules that communicate via common mobile networks such as 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE.

 2G2G, 3G2G, LTE2G, 3G, LTEDownload data sheet
Gemalto Cinterion® BGS2-WX   Download
Gemalto Cinterion® BGS5X   Download
Gemalto Cinterion® EES3X   Download
Gemalto Cinterion® EHS5-E X  Download
Gemalto Cinterion® EHS6-A X  Download
Gemalto Cinterion® ELS61-E R2   XDownload
Gemalto Cinterion® PLS62-W   XDownload
Gemalto Cinterion® PLS8-E   XDownload
Gemalto Cinterion® PHS8-P X  Download
GOSUNCN ME3630 LCC   XDownload
GOSUNCN ME3630 mPCI   XDownload
Huawei ME909s-120   XDownload
Quectel EC21-E   XDownload
Quectel EC21-EC   XDownload
Quectel EC25-E   XDownload
Quectel EC25-E (incl.Mini-PCIe)   XDownload
Quectel EG25-G   XDownload
Quectel EG91-E   XDownload
Quectel M66X   Download
Quectel M95X   Download
Quectel MC60X   Download
Quectel MC60EX   Download
Quectel UG96 X  Download
Sierra Wireless AirPrime HL6528RD-GX   Download
Sierra Wireless AirPrime HL7692  X Download
Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC7710   XDownload
Sierra Wireless AirPrime Q2687X   Download
Sierra Wireless AirPrime WP7607-1   XDownload
SIMCom SIM800CX   Download
SIMCom SIM868X   Download
SIMCom SIM7500E   XDownload
SIMCom SIM7600E   XDownload
SIMCom SIM7600E-H   XDownload
Telit GE866-QUADX   Download
Telit GE910-GNSSX   Download
Telit GE910-QUADX   Download
Telit GE910-QUAD AUTOX   Download
Telit GE910-QUAD V3X   Download
Telit GL865-DUAL V3X   Download
Telit GL865-DUAL V3.1X   Download
Telit GL865-QUAD V3X   Download
Telit GL865-QUAD V3.1X   Download
Telit HE910-EUR X  Download
Telit LE910-EU1   XDownload
Telit LE910-EU V2   XDownload
Telit UE866-EU X  Download
Telit UE910-EUR X  Download
Telit UL865-EUR X  Download
u-blox MPCI-L210   XDownload

Low Power Wide Area

DT-certified modules that communicate via very energy efficient Low Power Wide Area networks such as NB-IoT.

 NB-IoTNB-IoT, 2GDownload data sheet
Advantech WISE-1570X Download
Changhong AI-NB25X Download
Cheerzing ML5515X Download
Cheerzing ML5535-G8X Download
Fibocom M910-GL XDownload
Fibocom N510X Download
Gemalto Cinterion® ENS22-EX Download
Lierda NB08-01X Download
Lierda NB86-GX Download
Murata LBAD0XW1SSX Download
Murata LBAD0ZZ1RXX Download
Neoway N20 XDownload
Neoway N21X Download
Quectel BC66X Download
Quectel BC68X Download
Quectel BC95-B8X Download
Quectel BC95-B20X Download
Quectel BC95-GX Download
Quectel BG96 XDownload
Ruijie NB6120X Download
SerComm TPB23X Download
Shanghai Notion OT01-3X Download
Shanghai Notion OT01-5X Download
Sierra Wireless AirPrime WP7702 XDownload
SIMCom SIM7000E XDownload
SIMCom SIM7000G XDownload
SIMCom SIM7020EX Download
Telit ME910C1-E1X Download
Telit ME910C1-E2 XDownload
Telit ME910C1-WW XDownload
Telit ML865C1-EA XDownload
Telit NE866B1-E1X Download
Telit NE910C1-E1X Download
Teltonika TNB260X Download
u-blox SARA-N200X Download
u-blox SARA-N210X Download
u-blox SARA-N211X Download
USR (WenHeng) WH-NB71X Download

Certified Chipsets

By offering a variety of certified chipsets, Telekom provides faster time-to-market, increased flexibility in product development, and lower product validation costs.


DT-certified chipsets to connect your devices to DT's clouds via Low Power Wide Area networks such as NB-IoT.

 NB-IoTNB-IoT, 2GDownload data sheet
Altair ALT1250X Download
HiSilicon Hi2110V120X Download
HiSilicon Hi2115V110X Download
MediaTek MT2625X Download
Qualcomm MDM9206 XDownload
Unisoc IVY8908AX Download

Become a certified partner!

We are constantly on the lookout for competent and innovative partners to provide our customers with the best hardware possible. Gain certification with minimal effort to become part of our portfolio.

Cloud of Things software development kit

In order to tailor the Cloud of Things to your individual needs, we provide a Cloud of Things software developer kit (SDK). For example, program your interfaces in JAVA so your own hardware or software can connect blazingly fast. To help you concentrate on getting your own products ready to bring to market, we offer you these predefined interfaces:

  • Device control API
  • Real-time notifications API
  • Real-time statements API
  • Device management library API
  • Users API
  • Retention Rule API
  • SmartREST API
  • Audit API

We are at your service!

You need further information about one of our offers or have a specific question?
Please feel free to contact us - our IoT experts will be happy to help and advise you.

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