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Reliable data for traffic and location planning

Cities, traffic planners, service providers, shops, tourism – they all depend on reliable information about visitor numbers and traffic volume in order to offer better services. What kind of transportation do commuters use where start their journeys and how are they traveling where they end it? Is it worth opening a bus line to a new residential development? Will a new road help ease snarled traffic as hoped? Are billboards positioned at the spot? Where are visitors to a seasonal market coming from? These kinds of questions can now be answered: Motionlogic analyzes movement data fully anonymized from wireless networks according to special data protection requirements. For the first time ever, cities, municipalities, public transit authorities and retailers can undertake deep analysis for outdoor advertising, route optimization and site assessment.

Your benefits from Motionlogic in overview

Icon Multifaceted application opportunities

Multifaceted application opportunities
Motionlogic analyzes traffic volumes and people flows: Use this data for urban development purposes, to improve public transportation, as the foundation for your infrastructure planning, to plan large events or to measure the efficacy of your advertising.

Icon Reliable data basis

Reliable data basis
Motion and traffic flows could until now only be roughly estimated or recorded with huge manual effort. But we can provide you with reliable current or historical data at the push of a button – individually tailored for your target area or all of Germany.

Icon Easy and intuitive

Easy and intuitive
Motionlogic is modular: We develop an exact offer tailored to your needs. You can view analyses with a web portal or feed the data into your own systems via an interface. You’ll receive comprehensive reporting according to the hour, day, week or month.

Icon Strict data protection

Strict data protection
All data used is completely anonymous and cannot be traced back to individual persons. We have developed our data processing in close accordance with Germany’s federal comissioner for data protection and regularly have our methods checked and certified by external auditors.

Application examples for each sector

Further information available for download

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You’d like to learn more about how Motionlogic can be tailored to your specific needs? Please feel free to contact us - our IoT experts will be happy to help and advise you.

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