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hubraum LTE-M Prototyping Summit


18 LTE-M solution partners passed the finishing line in Vienna: In the perfect pre-Christmas scenery of Vienna, T-Mobile Austria hosted the Summit of the hubraum LTE-M Prototyping program which attracted more than 150 participants. During the event, 18 solution partners who have successfully completed the program had the opportunity to present their LTE-M prototypes & use cases to the audience.

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Smart Home on the rise


The growth of smart homes continues apace: According to Berg Insights, some 22.5 million households in Europe had been fitted with such technology by the end of 2017. North America is close behind with 22.3 million.

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AI disrupts the business world


“Eighty percent of all corporate processes can be automated today,” says AI expert Chris Boos. How artificial intelligence is solving the business world’s problems by disrupting it.

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LTE-M Prototyping summit in Vienna


On November 22, Deutsche Telekom has presented the finalists of the hubraum LTE-M Prototyping program at the Summit in the T-Center in Vienna, Austria. The event was very much the culmination point of the efforts made by the 18 solution partners and their mentors over the last months.

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Innoday2018: Clean air & empathic robots


Machines with human facial expressions, networked street furniture that cleans the air of fine dust. And valuable tips for the digital transformation. Innoday2018 had it all.

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A look back at the Digital2018


An Apple founder, a boxing world champion and three international pop stars in Cologne - just some of the highlights on offer to visitors during Digital2018.

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IoT Down Under


How Australia is digitalizing agriculture: Australia is providing farmers with an injection of cash to encourage them to use digital technologies in agriculture. It’s another example of an industry using digitalization and the Internet of Things to get fit for the future.

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Japan’s dream of a “Society 5.0”


Caring for seniors and filling labor shortages: Japan wants to solve pressing societal issues by connecting the Internet of Things to robots and artificial intelligence. The country’s officials believe forging an ultramodern “Society 5.0” is the answer.

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China’s start-ups embrace IoT


China is investing huge sums in cutting-edge technologies, including the Internet of Things. The country’s innovative IoT solutions are internationally competitive – and are coming from small start-ups as well as large companies.

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The LTE-M Prototyping Program


LTE-M: A story about bicycle thieves, supermarket cherries and kid’s smart watches

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IoT under Sugarloaf Mountain


There’s a digital awakening going on in the land of samba and soccer: Brazil’s government wants to accelerate adoption of the Internet of Things in the world’s fifth-largest country by area. Sectors of particular focus are agriculture, smart cities, industrial production and healthcare.

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Putting the patient in focus


What does the future of medicine look like? How can we better connect patients, doctors and caregivers? And what infrastructure will they need to achieve this? Representatives from Deutsche Telekom discussed these topics and much more with partners, business leaders and healthcare experts including Eckart von Hirschhausen.

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Data is where the action will be in the future


More and more companies are discovering that data can fuel completely new business models. Boris Otto, director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering (ISST) and head of its research project Industrial Data Space (IDS), explains why all this data also requires a marketplace.

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Surging demand for IoT security solutions


The market for IoT security solutions is growing fast. As machines, facilities and smart devices become increasingly linked, additional security measures are required, according to the IT consultancy Gartner.

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China's path to digital dominance


China is taking the Internet of Things very seriously: Digitalization is starting to impact all aspects of life in the Asian superpower since the government began to promote and fund public IoT projects. The new strategy "Made in China 2025" aims to make the country's IT sector a global player.

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How the IoT is revolutionizing logistics


Boosting productivity, reducing risk and better integrating customers into business processes: The Internet of Things (IoT) is radically changing the storage and transport of goods.

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Creating a sensor network with smartphones


Modern smartphones, often containing more than two dozen sensors, have turned into mobile measuring stations. Found in virtually every part of the globe, these devices have the potential to provide incredibly valuable troves of data. But there needs to be a rewards system to encourage people to provide this information – and ensure data protection remains intact.

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Challenges of autonomous vehicles


Autonomous vehicles are already on our roads – but are drivers really ready for self-driving cars? A look at the remaining legal and technological challenges to be overcome.

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How smart cities fight traffic chaos


Cities around the world are choking with traffic. New pilot projects are now testing self-driving cars in urban areas. But autonomous vehicles aren’t the only high-tech way for cities to fight traffic chaos.

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Reaching for the stars with a digital twin


From flying to Mars to building a better mountain bike: Digital twins make products better and processes more efficient. Discover the advantages to giving objects a real-time digital clone.

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