Internet of Things for Business Customers

Business Smart Connect M2M tariff details


One time fee and data volume included

SMS volume included

S: 8,95 € with 300 MB
M: 16,95 € with 1000 MB
L: 29,95 € with 3000 MB

250 (send or receive)

Price per Top-up

Top-up SMS

S: 4,48 € with 150 MB
M: 8,48 € with 500 MB
L: 14,98 € with 1500 MB

125 (send or receive)

SIM material Triple SIM*

provided for use

SIM material eSIM*

1,80 € one-time fee per SIM

Period of Use

36 month

Minimum order quantitiy

5 TripleSIM, 100 eSIM

Mobile technology and networks

2G, LTE: EU 28 incl. Best Coverage **

Details on the tariff: Business Smart Connect M2M is a prepaid-like M2M offer from Telekom Deutschland to business customers with registered office and shipping address in Germany. By paying the one-time fee, delivery cost and SIM material cost (if appropriate) all costs are compensated. The SIM cards are pre-activated with a predefined data volume and SMS contingent for a usage period of 36 month. The contractual relationship for the SIM card has no minimum contract period and can be terminated on a monthly basis. The period of use can be extended by purchasing a new tariff. Within the Business Smart Connect Portfolio every tariff is available for purchase, no matter which tariff was used before.

* Definition of SIM material:
TripleSIM: The TripleSIM is a multi-format card with press cuts for 2FF (Standard SIM), 3FF (Micro- SIM), 4FF (Nano-SIM) form factors. The required format can be broken out of the card.
eSIM: The eSIM is an integrated SIM (embedded SIM in formfactor MFF2), that is permanently built into a device. The eSIM will be provided in “Industry” standard with a life time of up to 15 years and temperatures between -40° and +105°centigrade.

** EU 28 incl. Best Coverage: Germany (including national roaming), UK, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Portugal, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Croatia, Latvia , Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Austria, Romania, San Marino (Italy), Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus

Details on the order process: By clicking the order button you submit a binding order and confirm the details in the order form. The contract is concluded upon receipt of the order confirmation or with delivery of the service at the latest. Upon payment of the amount due, you will receive an invoice via e-mail along with a link to log in to our Business Smart Connect Portal where you can manage your SIM cards. Please note that the SIM cards will only be delivered when your payment has been received and the legitimacy check has been completed. At this time, you will receive a shipping confirmation.