Internet of Things for Business Customers

All sensor data at a glance

Where are our vehicles? Is the cold chain uninterrupted? Where can I find a free parking spot? The Internet of Things can answer these questions and many more by combining sensors, networking and the cloud. To facilitate companies in gaining added value on their collected information, the data needs to be processed and visualized: And that’s exactly what the Connected Things Hub – Deutsche Telekom’s IoT cloud platform based on Microsoft Azure – does. Regardless of the device, data format, protocol and transmission path, all kinds of sensors can be connected to the platform. Companies can flexibly integrate the hub into their systems via orchestration. The Connected Things Hub does not require any major investment upfront: With help from Telekom’s experts, companies can turn an idea into an IoT pilot project in just a few days.

Your benefits from the Connected Things Hub in overview

Easy and straightforward

Easy and straightforward
This web portal can be configured individually. Intuitively keep control of all your devices at all your locations, including rules and alerts.

Icon Fast and simple

Fast and simple
In just a few days from idea to pilot project: Quickly introduce products without massive investment and expand them flexibly.

Icon Transparent and adding value

Transparent and adding value
Create value from your data. Keep an eye on the status and location of your devices and vehicles or monitor your production process.

Flexible and compatible

Flexible and compatible
An adaptable and expandable solution for a diverse selection of devices, sensors, protocols, data formats and transmission methods – including future areas of application.

Application examples for each sector

We are at your service!

You’d like to know how the Connected Things Hub can help create value from data collected by sensors and sent to the cloud? Please feel free to contact us - our IoT experts will be happy to help and advise you.

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