Internet of Things for Business Customers

Turning data into corporate value

IIn the age of digitalization, firms using, analyzing and then integrating their data into existing processes in meaningful ways have a clear competitive advantage. Our Data Intelligence Hub is a platform that allows you to manage information securely, as well as confidently prepare and monetize it. Exchange production data to optimize your operational costs or analyze facility utilization data to maximize your profitability. The goal? Optimize your value chain and future-proof your business model. Throughout it all, Deutsche Telekom is your trusted partner ensuring the highest security standards and complete data sovereignty via its decentralized data management.

Your benefits with Data Intelligence Hub in overview

Icon Tap new markets

Tap new markets
The sharing economy is here – be a part of it with efficient data transmission enabling new and lucrative business models with the Internet of Things. 

Optimize operations

Optimize operations 
Don’t just share, use it: The Data Intelligence Hub allows you to organize and analyze preexisting or collected data to uncover business-critical insights.

Icon Boost business performance

Boost business performance 
Your company’s data is valuable: Monetizing your data with the Data Intelligence Hub is an easy and transparent way to create new revenue streams. 

Icon Stay safe

Stay safe
The Data Intelligence Hub provides the infrastructure for secure transmission along the entire data value chain. Collect and analyze valuable information in a completely safe environment.

Use case examples for all target groups

A data market place with many possibilities

How can data be saved and analyzed? Nicklas Didschun explains the possibilities with the Data Intelligence Hub of Deutsche Telekom at the Hannover Messe 2019.

More information for download

We are at your service!

Discover how the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub can help you exchange, analyze and use data to gain business-critical insights. Please feel free to contact us - our IoT experts will be happy to help and advise you.

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