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Smart claim settlement in case of water damage


Water damage in a house or basement is a time-consuming incident for insurance companies. Repairing the damage can take several days or weeks and can result in a huge electricity bill. POLYGONVATRO and Deutsche Telekom are now taking dehumidifiers into the Internet of Things.

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Great for the climate: Reduced energy consumption of buildings with IoT


Danish building service provider ISS Facility Services relies on T-Systems` “Connected Things Hub” for its building management worldwide.

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Always on the right track


The transport and logistics industry drives far ahead of other industries and large parts of production when it comes to digitization. The Internet of Things offers companies many opportunities to digitize and improve their machines, goods or processes. This way, they can win new customers and open up new markets.

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Boosting growth with IoT


According to a study by Ernst & Young, the digital economy offers telecommunications companies plenty of opportunities for growth. Requirement: They develop new business models around IoT and M2M communication.

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Virtually plan and test IoT projects


With the new online service, the IoT Solution Optimizer, companies can put their planned IoT solutions through their paces digitally well before they even set up real tests or budget their costs.

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MWC19: Smart ideas from Barcelona


At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Deutsche Telekom presented innovative solutions and visions for the Internet of Things: Smart City, Smart Factory, Smart Gaming.

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Now available: The new Mobile IoT Guide 2019


For mobile data transmission, Deutsche Telekom is now establishing the new LTE-M radio standard in its mobile communications network in addition to NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT). The new Mobile IoT Guide 2019 presents both technologies.

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EuroCIS: Telekom presents the networked store


At the EuroCIS trade fair, Deutsche Telekom will not only be showing the branch networked with sensors, but also how the retail sector can automatically document its supply and value chain with blockchain. (Hall 9, Booth D58)

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Deutsche Telekom launches the IoT Solution Optimizer – the world’s most advanced IoT solutions shelf


Deutsche Telekom today launches the IoT Solution Optimizer, a scalable online tool that provides technical consultancy and customer onboarding services for reliable and cost-effective IoT solutions. It enables businesses around the world to model and optimize the performance of IoT applications in numerous vertical industries such as smart city services, security or asset tracking.

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nuSIM – the integrated SIM for the Internet of Things


The integrated SIM card (embedded SIM, or eSIM for short) is a tiny chip that is soldered directly onto the circuit board of a smartphone or a communication unit in the car, making hardware components unnecessary.

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How industry today is benefitting from the Internet of Things


Monitoring machines and increasing their lifespan, optimizing processes ultimately developing new business models using big data, machine learning or artificial intelligence: IoT offers companies many opportunities.

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Smart trackers in the international transport sector


Every year the volume of cocaine smuggled in containers increases by 20 Percent. An intelligent tracker on the inside of containers sends a warning when unauthorized persons open the doors. Telekom's sensor network plays a major role here. 

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nuSIM: Deutsche Telekom leads development of integrated SIM for IoT


Deutsche Telekom continues to innovate its European and US IoT service offering. The company has brought industry-leading partners together to develop nuSIM, a ground-breaking solution which moves the SIM functionality from the physical SIM card directly to the chipset.

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Achieving a seamless supply chain with IoT


Groceries usually have to travel long distances before they end up in the consumers’ shopping cart. Around a third is lost or spoiled during transport. How the Internet of Things (IoT) reduces food waste.

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India’s metropolises go big with IoT


India will soon be the world’s most populous country – with all the negative aspects that entails. In order to stave off a total traffic collapse and massive pollution problems, the Indian government is betting heavily on the Internet of Things.

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Where is it, then?


We've got used to lost suitcases, but untraceable freight cars? Unfortunately, it happens again and again that wagons get lost. Thanks to a simple solution on the Internet of Things, rail vehicles will no longer be lost in the future.

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Live test: NB-IoT proves indoor effectiveness


The wireless standard NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) makes smart metering more efficient. And now a large measurement test has shown that the transmission technology for building is more effective than all previous solutions.

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Top rankings for Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems


The global research and advisory firms Gartner and Information Services Group again rank Deutsche Telekom and its corporate customer subsidiary T-Systems as leaders in IoT and M2M.

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The Internet of Transported Things


Real-time data from mobile goods is hard to come by. The Internet of Things (IoT) provides a solution: with digital, networked asset tracking solutions and new technologies.

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Narrowband IoT convinces in field trial in buildings


The real estate service provider ista has tested the network technology narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) in buildings together with Deutsche Telekom. The new technology scored well with very high availability.

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Safety first: Connected cars need a digital protective shield


In a central coordination center, a specialist cyber-security team collects and examines all the security-relevant data of the "connected car" ecosystem around the clock.

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