Tracking One-Time Shipments is Worth It!

07.07.2020 by Ümit Günes

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Where are my goods or machines and what condition are they in? For many companies this is information worth its weight in gold. With the Low Cost Tracker it is worth it even for one-time shipments.

On the Friday afternoon the earthmover was still at the rear left of the site right next to the freshly delivered pallets of sidewalk slabs. When the first workmen arrived at 7 a.m. on Monday the vehicle had vanished. The site manager, informed without delay, reported the loss to the rental company. Luckily, the Caterpillar 972M is equipped with a tracking solution. A quick look at the IoT Web portal revealed that the wheel loader was 65 km away and well hidden in woodland. The police were informed, confiscated the stolen goods, a rental company employee collected the Cat and work on the construction site was resumed.

Construction Site Theft: Especially Widespread on Large Sites

Thefts like this often occur on German construction sites but, sadly, seldom with such a satisfactory solution. In 2018, according to the latest crime statistics, individual criminals or organized gangs stole construction material, tools or vehicles in nearly 25,000 cases. Smart tracking solutions help locate material and machinery and afford protection from theft. Asset tracking enables companies to keep track of their property at all times and check its condition in detail on the monitor screen. But smart applications can do even more.

Simple, Low Cost Supply Chain Management

A simple, low-cost option for supply chain management is the Telekom Low Cost Tracker (LCT). An IoT solution, it is worthwhile in many sectors, not just on construction sites but for transportation, warehousing or retail. It is so inexpensive that it is even suitable for tracking one-time shipments – and makes it easier for companies to manage one-time shipments.

An End to Insecure Logistics Chains and Financial Damages

Will my shipment reach the customer on time and undamaged? Supply chain interruptions regularly cost companies time and money. They cost even more if the reason for the interruption is not clear and nobody knows exactly where the shipment is. With the Low Cost Tracker uncertainties of this kind and their financial consequences can be avoided. The device collects throughout the journey location, shock and temperature data and sounds the alarm in real time if predefined limits are exceeded.

Further Information About the Low Cost Tracker

  • Precise Location:
    The Low Cost Tracker (LCT) shows the location of goods, records the ambient temperature and recognizes shocks. Via Bluetooth or mobile wireless communication it locates the consignment to between one and 35 meters precisely, depending on the model, be it in the factory or on the high seas.
  • Flexible Data Transmission:
    Transmission intervals are freely configurable. In addition, the tracker sends a notification of spontaneous events such as a free fall or beginning and end of a movement.
  • Easy Installation:
    The Low Cost Tracker is quick and easy to attach by means of screws, rivets or adhesive. The casing is waterproof and robust.
  • Power Packet:
    The LCT’s dimensions are a mere 69 x 39 x 171 cm and it has an  IP Protection Class 68 rating, so it is suitable for use in rough production conditions.

One for All: Transportation, Warehousing and Retail

A vanload of ice cream wafers leaves the yard to deliver the goods to the ice cream manufacturer as punctually as possible in the afternoon. On the freeway the driver has to brake hard so as not to hit the end of a traffic jam. An immediate Web portal notification warns the supplier and the recipient. The recipient can check the condition of the wafers and may be able to make an immediate complaint to the supplier in order to prevent a production bottleneck.

With long aisles and shelves meters high, looking for a specific package can take a whole lot of time. Equipped with a Low Cost Tracker, the goods are quickly found. It has information about the location and the shelf height that is accurate to within a meter. The tracker is also useful if thieves are at work. If the goods leave a defined area without authorization the device sounds the alarm immediately. And when the inventory is checked the LCT shows at a glance exactly where however many pallets, containers and boxes are.

The Low Cost Tracker not only helps in breakdowns or with damages; it also helps to optimize sales. Product placement in supermarkets and department stores, for example, significantly affects customer purchasing behavior. That is why many companies agree specific positioning with retailers. The LCT enables them to check whether their display is where it is supposed to be during the period booked for it. The tracker also records by Bluetooth the movement of customers in front of the display, thereby enabling the marketing experts to draw conclusions for the next campaign.

Asset Tracking Made Easy

As a plug-and-play solution the Low Cost Tracker is really easy to attach to all kinds of objects such as pallets or containers. A tiny device, it is energy-savingly connected to the Internet by NarrowBand IoT. The batteries last for up to five years, for example. The system sends the sensor data at regular intervals to the Cloud of Things, the Telekom IoT platform. On the Web portal users have real-time access to all connected assets for their supply chain management. By means of defined threshold levels and geofencing the asset tracking solution identifies critical conditions and notifies users on the portal, by e-mail and by text.


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You need further information about one of our offers or have a specific question? We are happy to help you.

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