E-Book Digitized Workplace: People in Logistics

Logistics professionals are adopting new approaches to deal with challenges such as rising transportation costs, a growing shortage of skilled operatives, and an increase in competitive pressure. Find out how companies are using digital solutions to assist their transportation and warehouse employees with their daily work routine and thereby put more efficient processes in place.

Cover image e-book "The Human Factor in Logistics"

  • Recognize Trends and Seize Opportunities:
    Paper-based transactions, a lack of transparency, and costly communication functionalities slow down logistics processes in many places. The Internet of Things (IoT) offers great potential for optimizing these processes.
  • Identify the Right Action Areas:
    To lay the groundwork for efficient logistics processes, executives and supply chain managers must identify meaningful approaches for their digitization plans. Connected scanners, data glasses, freight tracking and smart route planning are some of the wide range of ways to improve inefficient processes.
  • Best Practices:
    From the full-service provider Quehenberger Logistics to the motorhome manufacturer Dethleffs, many examples from practice show how companies can use digital solutions to optimize their logistics processes and provide for more transparency.

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