IoT as a Digital Bridge Builder for the Energy Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a major mainstay of digitization in the energy industry. That is the conclusion reached in the Gartner study on Top 10 Trends Driving the Utility Industry in 2020. Find out what role the IoT will play for energy producers and distributors in the future.

Cover image e-book "IoT is Decisive for the Digitalization of the Energy Industry"

  • Digitization Trends in the Industry:
    Switching to regenerative energies such as hydroelectric, solar and wind power is changing processes and tasks fundamentally in the energy industry. Until recently a few central power stations generated largely reliable, calculable quantities of energy. Today millions of local facilities feed widely differing amounts of energy into the grid.
  • The Most Important Action Areas:
    The energy industry must reorganize its previous management of the entire system. The basis for this radical change to an “Internet of Energy” is digitization of energy grid operation and an experienced IoT partner like Deutsche Telekom with its smart grid and smart metering competences.
  • Best Practices:
    Energy data by the million helps to identify and rectify faults and problems with energy feed-in and distribution at an early stage. Energy trading is changing and new players are entering the market with data-based business models. Read more about it in the interview with Telekom IoT expert Arndt Bleckmann.
  • Practical Hints:
    Telekom contributes in-depth experience to the conception and operation of IoT solutions and provides as a partner and general contractor a comprehensive IoT ecosystem – from connectivity via terminal devices and Cloud platforms to analytical tools.

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