IoT Connectivity Guide – The guide to the optimal IoT project

What hardware do I need? Which radio technology is the right one? How do I ensure global availability and how do I manage devices and SIM cards? Anyone who wants to implement an IoT business model needs answers to many questions. Our whitepaper guides you on a straight path to your goal - with the best tips on the most important topics:

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  • IoT networks:
    5G for lowest latencies and highest bandwidths or NB-IoT and LTE-M for long range and low energy consumption: Which radio technology is best suited to my project? Here you will find the respective advantages at a glance.
  • Global availability:
    Why the mobile network must be available everywhere for an international roll-out and what you should look out for when transferring data across borders.
  • SIM cards & hardware:
    How do you choose the perfect hardware for your use case, and which SIM does it have to be? We help you with the selection.
  • Connectivity Management:
    Thousands of networked devices - how do you keep an eye on the costs and performance of all connections at all times? No problem with the right connectivity management.
  • Security:
    How do I start to digitize my business? The trendbook offers a great deal of specific advice with a focus on the customer. Customers want to be able to choose the terminal device they shop with and expect seamless interaction with the retailer across all channels and departments. Not to mention customized offers based on smart data analysis.
  • Tariffs:
    From standard tariffs with pre-configured SIM cards for a quick start to offers where runtime, billing mode and country coverage can be individually determined – we will find the right tariff for your IoT project.

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