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5G for IoT

The future is now – 5G for the Internet of Things

The future is now – 5G for the Internet of Things

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5G marks a new era for the Internet of Things

Imagine autonomous vehicles that optimize the logistics of companies. Operations performed remotely with the help of robots. Smart grids that control production and consumption of energy in real time: To make these visions a reality, we need a completely new kind of mobile network. This is where 5G comes in – it takes the Internet of Things to a new level.

Infographic with the key facts about 5G

5G will be much more than just a faster mobile network – it will open up unprecedented opportunities for the Internet of Things.

  • More speed:
    5G can carry 10 times as much data per second as 4G.
  • Less latency:
    5G has 10 times less signal delay than 4G.
  • More connections:
    5G can connect up to one million devices per square kilometer.
  • More stable networks:
    5G networks have an availability of 99.999%.

Deutsche Telekom is at the forefront of rolling out the 5G network and certifying 5G-enabled IoT modules – to make these fascinating possibilities a reality also for your company.

5G opens up completely new possibilities

These companies already benefit from the advantages of 5G by Deutsche Telekom

We are at your service!

We are at your service!

Do you need more information about our offers or do you have specific questions? We will be happy to help you!

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Do you need more information about our offers or do you have specific questions? We will be happy to help you!

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Benefit from global networking for your IoT project

For international IoT projects, Deutsche Telekom offers 5G roaming in over 90 networks in more than 51 countries.

Deutsche Telekom is a leader in the development of 5G

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#1 in network expansion

Deutsche Telekom's 5G network already reaches 85 percent of the German population – and is getting bigger every quarter. No other mobile communications company offers such a nationwide coverage with 5G.

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#1 in certification of 5G modules

Certified IoT modules and gateways are crucial for the success of 5G projects. Deutsche Telekom currently offers six of these. This makes it the leading provider in this area in Germany.

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#1 in 5G roaming

Deutsche Telekom currently offers 5G roaming in over 90 networks in more than 51 countries – including the USA, China, South Korea and France. No other European provider has a comparable offer.

Building with 5G campus network

A campus network makes your company ready for the future

A campus network is a closed 5G mobile network on your premises. It gives your employees a flexible and scalable infrastructure on which they can quickly and easily implement their automation ideas of the future.

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Certified hardware ensures that your IoT project has a quick start

At Deutsche Telekom, your hardware and 5G mobile network come from a single source. To ensure that all parts of your project seamlessly work together, we offer a leading portfolio of certified devices, including IoT modules and gateways.

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We unite to simplify global IoT connectivity

More and more industries rely on mobile networking of their products. Internationally active companies need their solutions to function smoothly around the world. But the challenges are complex.

In order to eliminate these obstacles for corporate customers Telekom has concluded worldwide joint offers such as with T-Mobile US. Learn how T-Mobile U.S. and Deutsche Telekom make connecting global IoT projects easier for multinational organizations.

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