Unpredictable energy prices, shifting supply chains and rapidly evolving customer needs: We live in a time of change. That's why the time has never been better to get on board with the Internet of Things. Whether it's cutting energy and transportation costs, offering new products and services, or bringing more transparency to your supply chain, the Deutsche Telekom IoT network can help you shape change and make your business more efficient, resilient, and sustainable. To help you digest all the components of an IoT network from the beginning, we will accompany you on this journey.

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The networking of IoT projects raises many questions. 4G or 5G? NB-IoT or LTE-M? How to ensure uninterrupted data connections in Germany and worldwide? And how to keep mobile costs under control with hundreds of IoT devices? Our experts will give you the answers.

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The right network technology for every project

For the success of your IoT project, it is crucial that you choose an IoT network technology that is suitable for your use case. One question will help you do this: what amounts of data do your IoT devices need to send and how often? For sensors in a water tank that send tiny amounts of data at long intervals, the low-power NB-IoT wireless standard is the right choice. For virtual reality applications that need to send a lot of data with as little delay as possible, on the other hand, 5G is suitable. Our experts will support you in this decision. They consider all relevant criteria such as battery life and energy consumption, building penetration and installation costs – and thus find the optimal solution with you.

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Little data, low frequency

If your battery-powered IoT devices are in use for long periods without a power source or in basements, NB-IoT is the right choice. This mobile radio standard can only transmit small amounts of data, but it offers very long battery runtimes, very good building penetration and cost-effective networking.

More about NB-IoT

Infographic IoT network technology LTE-M

Medium data volumes, low frequency

The LTE-M standard offers sufficient bandwidth for medium data volumes, cost-effective hardware, and sufficient battery life for long operations without a power supply. This makes it suitable, e.g., for e-health solutions in which vital signs are sent to the cloud, or for monitoring cold chains in logistics.

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4G & 5G:
Lots of data, high frequency

For IoT applications with high data requirements, such as VR glasses or video surveillance, you should opt for 4G technology. If you also need extremely fast response times, for example for self-driving vehicles or for the use of video drones, you should choose 5G technology.

More about 5G

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Our IoT networking knows no borders

With T IoT, your IoT devices have worldwide connectivity. Not only do we have our own mobile networks in the U.S. and numerous European countries, but we also have roaming agreements with over 600 selected mobile providers around the world. This way, your device dials into the available network in every country.

And we are already working on the network of tomorrow. For example, satellite communication will offer an opportunity to expand our outstanding mobile network in the future and support certain IoT projects in remote areas.

World map shows available Deutsche Telekom networks

Our network quality has won many awards

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We offer the highest security for your data

Mobile communication is an extremely secure way of networking for IoT projects because its security mechanisms cover all aspects – from the SIM card to the application servers. In addition, Deutsche Telekom stores all data on servers in highly secure data centers in Germany.

Learn more about the high security of mobile communication in our whitepaper “Comparison and analysis of the security aspects of LoRaWAN and NB-IoT”.

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Our tariff offers combine simplicity with flexibility

Trial tariffs

Are you planning a quick-to-implement, simple IoT project with initial consulting needs?

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Manage your connections efficiently with our IoT customer portal

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Easily monitor and manage the connection status and usage of your IoT SIM cards online: Our intuitive web portal allows you to stay in control of the cost and performance of your networked IoT devices, even in complex IoT projects.

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We ensure optimum interaction through harmonized components

Embedded SIM

SIM cards

With a selection of SIMs, from Plug-In SIMS to Embedded SIMs in the right quality, we offer you maximum flexibility for every application.

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Certified hardware

Our portfolio of certified equipment ensures that no lengthy customization is required, and your project gets off to a fast start.

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IoT Solution Optimizer

With our virtual twin modeling solution, you can test different options for implementing your IoT devices.

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Benefit from the experience of our IoT experts

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Highest expertise

We have a great amount of expertise in solving individual and complex IoT requirements.

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Our experts design your IoT networking with you through deep integration into your processes, IT and organizational structures.

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Benefit from our award-winning German network and selected international partners.

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We are at your service!

Do you need more information about our offers or do you have specific questions? We will be happy to help you!

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Do you need more information about our offers or do you have specific questions? We will be happy to help you!

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