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Our IoT SIM portfolio: Highest flexibility for your project

Our IoT SIM portfolio: Highest flexibility for your project

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SIM cards are at the heart of all mobile communications. They enable smart IoT devices on construction sites, in manufacturing halls, and in transportation and logistics to transmit data to a cloud platform. Our SIM cards are optimized for use in the Internet of Things – they are resilient to dust, dirt and vibration, are temperature-resistant, durable, and can be integrated into any production process. This enables maximum coverage, performance, and ultimate flexibility for your IoT projects. 

To whichever environment your IoT ideas take us –
we have the right SIM card

SIM cards are at the heart of all mobile communication. When used in IoT projects, they must function under a wide variety of conditions. Therefore, they also have the most diverse requirements:

  • Robustness
    Whether in refrigerated warehouses, foundries, or containers on cargo ships, SIM cards must function reliably under wide-ranging conditions.
  • Flexibility
    They must support numerous network technologies, such as classic cellular, 2G, 3G/UMTS, 4G/LTE, 5G, NBIoT, and LTE-M, as well as combinations of these.
  • Longevity

    For many IoT projects, SIM cards must function for many years without maintenance or battery replacement.

  • Cost-efficiency
    Especially in massive IoT projects, where larger quantities of SIM cards are used, they should also be maintenance-free and inexpensive.

For this reason, we provide you with diverse variants of IoT SIM cards. In addition to the classic plug-in SIMs and SIM chips for soldering, we offer SIM solutions with special functionalities such as eSIM and, in the future, nuSIM for large, special IoT projects. All offer you connectivity in the best German network and the option of worldwide roaming. No matter what environment your ideas take us to – we have the right SIM.

Übersicht verschiedener SIM-Karten und ihrer Größen.

Our SIM card portfolio at a glance

From consumer electronics to industrial applications – we offer the right SIM card for every project.

Basic SIM

Industry SIM

High End / Automotive M2M SIM

Typical areas of application

Applications in classic environment and use, such as consumer electronics, tablets, interactive sports devices, tracking, etc.

Application with high quality requirements and for special use such as logistics, retail, healthcare, public sector, or security, etc.

Applications with the highest requirements for reliable use, standardization, and quality, such as in the automotive industry, vehicle telematics, or navigation


  • 2FF (Mini SIM, 25mm x 15mm)
  • 3FF (Micro SIM, 15mm x 12 mm)
  • 4FF (Nano SIM, 12,3mm x 8,8mm)
  • MFF (M2M Form Factor)
  • 2FF (Mini SIM, 25mm x 15mm)
  • 3FF (Micro SIM, 15mm x 12 mm)
  • 4FF (Nano SIM, 12,3mm x 8,8mm)
  • MFF (M2M Form Factor)
  • MFF (M2M Form Factor)

Operating temperature

-25°C to +85 °C

-40 °C to +105 °C

-40 °C to +105 °C

Typical product lifetime

2-5 years depending on type of use, location, and environment

5-10 years depending on type of use, location, and environment

Up to 17 years depending on type, location, and environment

Average lifetime of the memory at max. 85° C

10 years (RA)

12 years (RB)

15 years (RC)

Writing cycles

100,000+ (UA)

500,000+ (UB)

up to 16.5 million

We have the right tariffs and networks for your SIM cards

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The right tariff for every IoT idea

Our portfolio of tariffs reflects the versatility of IoT projects: It includes both standard tariffs with preconfigured SIM cards for a quick start and individual offers that require specific solutions and a high level of service and consulting. In this way, we can find the perfect tariff for all your IoT ideas.

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Choose the right IoT network for your use case

We live in a time of change: the cost of energy is becoming unpredictable, supply chains are rearranging themselves, and customer needs are changing faster and faster. That's why the time has never been better to invest in the Internet of Things. Deutsche Telekom IoT networks based on NB-IoT, LTE-M, 4G or 5G help you shape the change and make your business more efficient, flexible, resilient, and sustainable.

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Dormant Connectivity: affordable connectivity option for your products

New: Dormant Connectivity – Connecting your products has never been so easy!

Dormant Connectivity is an affordable connectivity option for your products. It allows you to equip your products with connectivity ex works and activate the connection as soon as your business model requires it. This allows you to set the course for the future without economic risk today!

  • Flexibility: Use only when required. Future-proof set-up and utilise the benefits of networking at any time.
  • Quality: With Telekom's expertise and established partners, we offer implementation and utilisation with an excellent price-performance ratio.
  • Simplicity: With easy access to our global IoT network and our high-quality nuSIM technology, we provide a comprehensive service and seamless implementation.
  • Security: Secure networks, certified IoT hardware and software. Ensuring the seamless interaction of network, hardware and software.

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Our SIM cards types

We are at your service!

We are at your service!

You need further information about one of our offers or have a specific question? We are happy to help you.

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You need further information about one of our offers or have a specific question? We are happy to help you.

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Learn more about what Deutsche Telekom offers

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Whitepaper: IoT Connectivity Guide

Would you like to know more about what you need to be aware of in connecting your products via the cell network? Which hurdles you need to clear in an international rollout? Or how best to manage your connections and their IoT components? You will all the answers in our free IoT Connectivity Guide whitepaper.

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Telekom-certified hardware ensures smooth interaction

To implement your IoT ideas, you need not only connectivity but also the right IoT hardware, such as cellular modules, routers, or gateways. Together with our partners, we offer you certified hardware that we tailor to your individual needs. With our certification, you can always be sure that your devices will work smoothly with our SIM cards.

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