MKN increases efficiency in professional kitchens with connected kitchen devices

The combi steamers from the professional cooking technology manufacturer are ensuring efficient operations in large kitchens thanks to their automated steaming programmes and comprehensive analytics tools.

“Efficient processes and reliable technology are vital in the restaurant sector as professional chefs are today confronted with high expectations, time pressure, a lack of specialist staff and strict demands when it comes to food hygiene.”

Peter Helm, authorised officer and Head of Innovation and Digitalisation at MKN

A smart professional kitchen with connected kitchen equipment
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MKN wanted to connect its combi steamers to the Internet of Things in order to provide its customers with digital cookbooks and automatic steaming programmes. In addition, comprehensive analytics and predictive maintenance were to guarantee even greater efficiency and quality of the devices.

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An end-to-end solution: with the IoT Cloud, Deutsche Telekom provides not only the technological foundation, but also the hardware and connectivity via LAN, WLAN or a mobile network. As such, all device data is consolidated via the Cloud of Things and made available to provide a visual presentation tailored to each end customer’s requirements.

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Customer benefit

The IoT platform allows uniform steaming programmes to be installed on the devices. These programmes are based on expert experience and automatically ensure high-quality results. The users benefit from centrally controlled steaming processes, status checks for optimal device use and automated checks for hygiene regulation compliance.

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See all the information on our customer success story in our reference flyer as a PDF file (only available in German).

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MKN Combi Steamer with a cooking program from the Cloud of Things

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