The Swiss Army Knife for IoT Applications

From asset tracking and building management to machine monitoring, the IoT Solution Optimizer makes it easier for companies to plan their IoT projects. Is my hardware suitable? Does my application perform well on different networks? Which protocol do I need? And how can I increase my efficiency? Step by step, the IoT Solution Optimizer leads to an individual performance analysis and identifies potential optimization. This saves time and money, because costly and time-consuming tests are no longer required. The extensive data portfolio of Telekom and selected partners helps you to set up, check and optimize suitable solutions in just a few minutes. Whether it's customer design or a standard solution from Telekom's IoT offering – with just a few clicks you can calculate the efficiency of your own use case.

Your benefits with the IoT Solution Optimizer in overview

Step by step planning

Model and optimize your own design
Within minutes, use can compose your own Mobile IoT solution by selecting the deployment networks, hardware components and defining their application’s intended behavior. The IoT Solution Optimizer models the design’s performance, delivering reliable results and multiple optimization opportunities.

Benefit from data

Try out integrated products on the shelf
Looking for a standard product offering instead? You may conveniently select from the numerous devices integrated into the service’s solution shelves. Discover communications- and power-efficient IoT solutions already available to solve your business needs.

Increase profitability

Increase profitability
Deutsche Telekom and its partners connect enterprises to the opportunities of today and tomorrow by bridging the supplier fragmentation of the IoT industry and combining the expertise of various segments into a best-in-world technical consultancy experience.

Avail of network of experts

Improve time-to-market
Performance analyses that would previously take several weeks of work to complete are now ready in just seconds. Customers can quickly identify risks, ensure proper integration of feature support, and weigh-in their design choices.

Use cases for all sectors

Further information available for download

We are at your service!

You’d like to know how to take advantage of the IoT Solution Optimizer to save time and money on your IoT projects? Please feel free to contact us – our IoT experts will be happy to help and advise you.

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