Centimeter-Level Accurate Positioning

For self-driving cars, machines, robots and drones to operate autonomously while keeping passengers—and other road users—safe, precise positioning is required. Navigation with accuracy of 3 – 15 meters, as found in typical GPS systems, does not meet autonomous requirements. Precise Positioning from Deutsche Telekom, and Silicon Valley based Swift Navigation, delivers cloud-based corrections that in turn deliver centimeter-level accuracy of up to ten centimeters. The solution is scalable for an unlimited number of autonomous vehicles and machines. Precise Positioning is already available nationwide throughout the United States and Germany, with extended European coverage scheduled to come in 2020.

Technical Requirements for Precise Positioning

Technical requirements of Precise Positioning in overview
  • Dual band GNSS antenna
  • Multi Frequency GNSS receiver
  • Mobile network access to the Skylark Corrections Service
  • Embedded control unit running Swift Starling software to calculate the exact position from satellite signals and correction data from the Cloud

Your benefits with Precise Positioning in overview

Scalable and affordable

Scalable and affordable
Precise Positioning leaves data processing to the cloud. Meaning an unlimited number of vehicles can simultaneously retrieve data in real time, from autonomous cars on the motorway to autonomous tractors tending fields. This scalable approach is subscription-based helping users save on infrastructure costs.

High precision

High precision
These Skylark cloud corrections utilize cutting-edge positioning algorithms to deliver a continuous stream of multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS corrections for a highly available service to deliver high-precision positioning with accuracy levels at ten centimeters.


Safety and integrity
Precise Positioning is designed for the most demanding safety-of-life critical applications. When used with Swift’s Starling positioning engine, Skylark is capable of delivering high-integrity positioning to ensure autonomous vehicles operate safely inside their designated environments.

Reliable coverage

Reliable coverage
Seamless coverage is currently available both in Germany and across the contiguous United States. Telekom and Swift are currently working on expanding this cloud-based correction service across Europe and beyond.

How companies improve their performance with Precise Positioning

AI.Land – Agriculture 4.0: Autonomous Field Service Robots

Agriculture 4.0: Autonomous Field Service Robots
Logo of AI.Land

“Precise localization is needed for our autonomous field robot, to ensure open field navigation that allows the robot to accomplish precision farming tasks.”

Josef Franko, Co-founder AI.Land

Angsa Robotics – Autonomous Trash Picking Robots

Autonomous Trash Picking Robots
Angsa Robotics

“At Angsa Robotics, we’re developing the world’s first autonomous trash picking robot. By using positioning technologies and computer vision, the robot recognizes its defined area. This data is used to determine the most efficient path and to avoid obstacles with confidence.”

Lukas Wiesmeier, Co-founder Angsa Robotics

Auve Tech – Self-Driving Vehicles and Autonomous Transportation Systems

Self-Driving Vehicles and Autonomous Transportation Systems
Logo von Auve Tech

“At Auve Tech, we’re building the world’s most flexible last-mile transportation ecosystem with our autonomous shuttles. The Swift Navigation GNSS module was installed on our shuttle to improve our autonomous mobility system. The intense testing with our system allows us to make our navigation safer with Precise Positioning.”

Jorma Hiie, Project Lead, Auve Tech

Capra Robotics – Helping People Through Robots

Helping People Through Robots
Capra Robotics
“At Capra Robotics, we’re creating a cleaner environment by eliminating cigarette butts from our cities. Our vision is to create mobile robots to help people everywhere.”

Niels Jul Jacobsen, CEO Capra Robotics

Kingdom Technologies – Improving Industrial Lawnmowers

Improving Industrial Lawnmowers
Logo von Kingdom Technologies

“We have developed an autonomous robotic lawn mower for large terrains. For our lawn mower, Precise Positioning provides markedly better results when compared to the standard GNSS solutions, which can be utilized to solve many robotic problems.”

Joan Kangro, CEO Kingdom Technologies

KNOT – Safe and Secure eScooter Platform

Safe and Secure eScooter Platform
Logo von KNOT

“With Precise Positioning, KNOT scooters can provide fixed and virtual parking infrastructure for the eScooters and ensure user safety, which will revolutionize Scootersharing.”

Polina Mikhaylova, Co-founder KNOT

Level Five Supplies – Autonomous Delivery Robots

Autonomous Delivery Robots
Level Five Supplies

“Precise Positioning technology is a compelling addition to our robotic development work and could transform our approach to autonomous delivery robots.”

Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, CEO Level Five Supplies

PANTOhealth – Predictive Maintenance of Railway Infrastructure

Predictive Maintenance of Railway Infrastructure
Logo von PANTOhealth

“Without the ability to accurately pinpoint the location of a defective infrastructure component, the maintenance provider will be unable to identify where a repair must be carried out. So, without a proper precise positioning system, predictive maintenance of train and railway infrastructure is not possible.”

Morteza Nokhodian, CTO, PANTOhealth

Smartmoov – Improving Driving Skills & Road Safety with AI

Improving Driving Skills & Road Safety with AI
Logo of Smartmoov
“Thanks to Precise Positioning technology, we can provide an accurate and reliable summary to student drivers. Smartmoov will continue to work on revolutionizing driver learning for safer roads across Europe.”

Stephane Pau, CEO Smartmoov

SolarCleano – Autonomous Solar Panel Cleaning Robots

Autonomous Solar Panel Cleaning Robots
Logo of SolarCleano

“Precision is crucial for SolarCleano in many aspects, including that if our robots are not moving precisely, they may fall off the panel. It is critical that our robots drive very near to the edge in order to clean the beneath of the panel, which is only feasible with Precise Positioning.”

Christophe Timmermans, CEO SolarCleano

ZEUS Scooters – Safe and Stable e-Scooter Rides with GNSS Technology

Safe and Stable e-Scooter Rides with GNSS Technology
Logo of ZEUS Scooters
“Ensuring accurate positioning is a challenge for micro-mobility. With precise positioning technology delivering an accuracy of up to 10cm, ZEUS ensures that our riders park and access their scooters smoothly and safely.”

David O’Reilly, CCO ZEUS Scooters

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