Trendbook Sustainability through Digitalization –  accelerating the Transformation

Sustainability is currently one of the hot topics in German boardrooms. In this trendbook for CEOs and sustainability managers, we look at the challenges from the company’s point of view, name digitalization solutions for key areas of action, and showcase which measures will yield the greatest benefits.

Cover image Trendbook "Sustainability through Digitalization"

  • The Most Important Action Areas:
    Starting 2023, sustainability reporting will be mandatory. This necessitates an updated strategy to anchor sustainability in the KPIs and to achieve transparency and compliance.
  • Best Practices:
    Learn how to develop a sustainability and digitalization target, and achieve your sustainability goals by choosing the right balance of short-term measures and future investments for this purpose.
  • Practical Hints:
    Are you looking for inspirational examples of how to make sustainability simple and successful using digitalization? We can provide 10 examples of best practices from selected industries.

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