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Business Choice Connect

Custom tariffs for complex IoT projects

Custom tariffs for complex IoT projects

Business Choice Connect – tariff options perfectly tailored to your needs

Some Internet of Things projects have specific requirements for networking which require significant amounts of personal consultation and development. We have therefore developed the Business Choice Connect tariff options, particularly for globally active corporations and companies which work with very sensitive data. They provide you the optimum amount of flexibility and consultation: Our IoT experts will work with you to develop the exact tariff you need for your project.

Your benefits at a glance

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Global coverage
We not only operate mobile networks in Europe and the USA, but we also have roaming agreements with over 600 mobile network providers. Your device dials into the network with the best connection that is run by a roaming partner, whichever country it happens to be in.

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Excellent service
The quality of our service regularly receives the “good” quality seal for customer service from the TÜV Rheinland inspection agency. We provide you with dedicated contact partners and binding SLAs (Service Level Agreement). We monitor the availability of networks, platforms and processes and provide you with reports on parameters set by you.

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Custom offers
Our IoT experts will develop a tariff option with you that is perfectly tailored to your requirements. This helps you avoid costs caused by unnecessary features, or data volume. We also provide special connectivity solutions, such as local breakouts or dedicated access point names upon request.

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Highest security
The quality of our service regularly receives the “good” quality seal for customer service from the TÜV Rheinland inspection agency. We provide you with dedicated contact partners and binding SLAs. We monitor the availability of networks, platforms and processes and provide you with reports on parameters set by you.

One partner. One contract. Global networking.

With Deutsche Telekom, you will receive global connectivity for your IoT project – with just one partner, one contract and a single platform. As a global provider for connectivity, we operate our own mobile networks in the USA, Germany and 11 further European countries, or have shares in other networks. In addition, we have 585 roaming partners for data communication around the globe, with 231 of them offering LTE roaming data. Even in countries where local regulations do not permit permanent data roaming, we can connect your project through partnerships and local breakout solutions or local connectivity approaches. Our global network of data centers ensures that the data from your IoT project is processed with the greatest level of failure security and the least possible latency.

Our approach is global. Our solutions are local.

Global actors must know the markets in numerous countries and their local regulations – and this also applies to the topic of data communication. As such, a growing number of countries are prohibiting permanent roaming, while others are preventing the positioning data from leaving the country. In order to be able to create a global connection for your IoT project in these countries, you need a partner who can provide a global infrastructure, and simultaneously knows the local target markets and flexibly adapts to them.

Local breakout solutions and eSIM cards, which automatically load profiles adapted to the local regulations, enable us to guarantee global connectivity for your IoT projects in these countries too.

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PRISMA: Our package for highest transparency and first-class service

Especially in complex, global IoT projects, the damage is great if partners do not provide dedicated contact persons, if support cannot escalate quickly in an emergency, or if they offer little transparency regarding the performance of your systems and compliance with SLAs (Service Level Agreement). To give you complete security, we have developed PRISMA (Performance Reporting International Service Management Application), our product package for first-class service in complex IoT projects: You single point of contact is a team of dedicated professionals who are familiar with your project, have relationships in all major units of our company and can provide you with high quality support at management level. You also get access to a web-based management system that allows you to closely monitor our performance and compare it to promised SLAs. And in the event of an emergency, we offer premium-level troubleshooting and recovery times. This way we take the complexity out of the Internet of Things – and make it easy for you.

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Regional Packet Gateways enable lowest latencies worldwide

Many global IoT solutions such as autonomous driving, Car2Car (C2C) or Car2Infrastructure communication require extremely fast response times and high data throughput. But when roaming mobile phone connections across continents, delays occur when data has to be routed back to the home country via the Internet – so-called latencies. Our worldwide network of Regional Packet Gateways solves this problem. It provides extremely low latency as it routes transcontinental data roaming traffic to the nearest of our Regional Packet Gateways, rather than back to the original home network, which may be located on the other side of the world. Quality of Service classes additionally prioritize critical traffic. For example, data in a warning message will be given priority over data packets in a Netflix movie. This enables us to offer worldwide connections for your IoT project with 60% lower latency and 100% higher data throughput.

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More accurate than just GPS: Precise Positioning for exact position localization

Whether navigation systems which announce lane changes, drones which can be controlled precisely, or Augmented Reality games: Many IoT applications require highly accurate position localization to provide their users with added value. Unfortunately, the data from satellite navigation systems, such as GPS are only accurate up to between 3 and 10 meters. To provide precise positioning data, Deutsche Telekom and Swift Navigation operate a network of reference stations throughout Europe and the USA which can recognize deviations in the data from satellite navigation devices and provide correction data via the cloud for IoT devices. This enables us to correct the inaccuracy of the satellite navigation and precisely determine the location of IoT devices, up to an accuracy of 10 centimeters and more.

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Our Security Solutions actively and preventively protect you against misuse

IoT devices are often of critical importance when it comes to operational processes in companies. If they fail or are compromised by an attack, significant damage can occur. Deutsche Telekom has therefore declared “Security by Design” as the top principle for its IoT platform. The highest security standards apply for the data centers.
Across the entire group, regular privacy and security assessments ensure the integration of data security and data protection in system and product development. And we do more than just ensure passive security. Within the scope of our Security Solutions, we also provide Fraud Detection as a Service: We actively monitor the usage data of your IoT devices and warn you in the event of irregularities – for example if a SIM card in a car logs in in a country in which the vehicle should not be located. Our active and preventive security strategy pays off: Deutsche Telekom won the Carrier Community Global Award 2020 in the category 'Best Security Solution Provider'.

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Tailored APN: One SIM card – multiple data streams

Complex IoT projects often require working with data that has different requirements regarding security. For example, in a car that is equipped with a data connection via a mobile network: If the vehicle passengers use the WLAN network to watch a film on Netflix, this data has far lower security requirements than the telemetry data or location data of the vehicle. This data must be strictly separated from each other in order to meet the security requirements and other legislation. Using individual access point names (APN), the connection points between the mobile network and the internet, we can separate these data streams with a single SIM card. This enables us to reduce the complexity of your IoT project and provide the flexibility required to meet the various regulations in different countries.

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HotSpot Drive: Fast WLAN in your car for all passengers

HotSpot Drive provides fast WLAN in your car at all times. Whether passengers need internet to read emails, take video calls or use streaming services – HotSpot Drive provides a stable internet connection at all times. The external antenna provides a high-quality connection, far exceeding that of a smartphone.

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We are at your service!

We are at your service!

You need further information about one of our offers or have a specific question? We are happy to help you.

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You need further information about one of our offers or have a specific question? We are happy to help you.

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