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An IoT Tariff as Individual as You Need It

An IoT Tariff as Individual as You Need It

Full Bandwidth of Functionality

Get exactly what is required for the IoT application – with customized tariff building blocks for machine-to-machine (M2M) broadband or narrow-band Low-Power Wide Area (LPWA) data communication in the best Telekom network. We line up for you in next to no time an individual tariff package that is customized to fulfill your IoT connectivity and IT infrastructure performance requirements. With the M2M and LPWA tariffs you decide the data volume, country coverage, duration and billing mode of your SIM cards. And if the best network isn’t available the Best Coverage option enables you to use other providers’ network coverage. Implemement IoT projects with basic monthly SIM prices less than one euro, subject to the data volume and number of SIM cards you have booked.

Your Benefits at a Glance in the Business Comfort Connect Tariff World

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Automatic Pooling
Pooling offsets differences in data consumption of individual SIM cards. Every activated SIM card that is part of the tariff contributes its data consumption to the total pooling volume. All cards benefit from the total volume because the lower volume of some cards offsets the higher volume of others – by automatic equalization.

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Best Network Everywhere
Business Comfort Connect makes worldwide data use possible. All tariffs cover a comprehensive homeland zone comprising over 28 countries, with a focus on the EU region, in which uniform data and text message usage conditions apply. In addition, further countries are classified in extra groups.

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Customized Network Technology
Business Comfort Connect M2M data tariffs provide high bandwidths and low latencies in Deutsche Telekom’s 2G/4G network. The LPWA tariffs use the NB IoT or LTE M network to deliver deep building penetration combined with low power consumption and limited bandwidth.

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Safe Management of Your Cards and Tariffs
You manage your SIM cards and monitor the running of your application via Telekom’s M2M service portal. The portal enables you to define and apply individual monitoring rules to your SIM cards. You define what happens if the limits you have specified are exceeded.

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Full Flexibility and Transparency of Costs
You decide whether to pay annually or monthly. Each invoice comes with documentation that breaks down every cost position. You use the data warehouse to retrieve daily reports. Additional options offer flexibility in activating and deactivating SIM cards.

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The Right SIM Card for Every Application
Different M2M SIM variations are available to ensure that SIM cards function reliably in extreme environmental conditions. The basic consumer version delivers the basics; industrial and high-end SIM cards meet the highest demands. The eSIM rounds off the portfolio.

Book Further Options on Request:

Reduce Costs During Distribution and Storage Phase

So that SIM cards activated for testing don’t immediately trigger the basic tariff price and duration in the distribution and storage phase, Telekom offers an option to activate IoT SIM cards for up to 180 days on a trial tariff that bills solely by usage.

Best Coverage for Field Strength that is Always Enough

To ensure wireless communication even if the field strength is insufficient in the customer’s home country Business Comfort Connect M2M tariffs that include the Best Coverage option come with a global SIM that if required can also use other providers’ networks in the country in question.

Sufficient Data Volume for Software Updates

The NB IoT network is not designed to handle larger quantities of data, so the LPWA tariff offers, in addition to the NB IoT pool, the option of access to a data pool with extra volume for software updates in the 2G network. This volume can be used anywhere within the European group of countries.

Use Cases for Every Industry

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We are at your service!

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You need further information about one of our offers or have a specific question? We are happy to help you.

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