Autonomous cleaning robots networked worldwide

Leading cleaning technology provider Kärcher is connecting its autonomous cleaning robots via cellular networks. Telekom’s global networks enable the machines to be used worldwide.

“With our networked cleaning robot we can now offer our end customers digital services that set us apart from the competition. We also gain new insights into our customers’ needs and can focus our product development on them.”

Alina Seitter, Product Manager Robotics at Kärcher

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Cleaning specialist Kärcher was looking for a cellular networking option for its new autonomous scrubber drier to transmit operating data and notifications. With this information Kärcher wanted to offer its end customers digital services and better understand customer needs. The wireless solution had to be reliable, secure and available globally.

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Kärcher opted for an IoT tariff in the Telekom LTE network. A robust industry-grade Telekom SIM is incorporated in a wireless module during production of the cleaning robot. The wireless solution can be retrofitted to other Kärcher models. It enables the machine to transmit operating data such as status, operating time and fresh water or battery level and detailed cleaning reports quickly and reliably via the cellular network to the Kärcher Cloud.

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Customer benefit

Kärcher customers such as building service providers or facility managers thereby have a constant overview of their machine fleet, deployment locations and times. Users can be notified of malfunctions  by email or text message. Thanks to Telekom’s international cellular networks and global roaming agreements Kärcher can now market its new autonomous cleaning machine worldwide without having to look for local network operators. Telekom’s flexible tariff model can be adjusted to meet the special requirements of different Kärcher device families while Kärcher can use the newly acquired findings to focus product development on its customers’ needs.

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The Kärcher Kira B 50 autonomous scrubber drier in the foyer of the Stuttgart trade fair.

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