Smart Lighting for the Berliner Bogen

Smartly controlled and not just switched on or off, LichtWART’s IoT solution manages the lighting of Hamburg’s city-center Berliner Bogen both energy and cost-efficiently.

“With LichtWART’s IoT solution we can control and monitor the LEDs on the building quite simply – digitally and without on-site technicians. That increases the energy efficiency enormously and reduces the costs.”

Dennis Peizert, Managing Director, Hanselicht GmbH

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By day the Berliner Bogen in the heart of Hamburg seems to hover over the water. At night the office block, which architecturally is one of the most significant buildings in the city, shines in the light of 28 LED panels. To ensure that this impressive lighting is always well maintained and uses as little energy as possible, the operator relies on smart functions from the Internet of Things.

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Using the IoT instead of a simple timer, LichtWART manages the Hamburg building’s smart lighting controls. Equipped with a dimmer sensor and connected to the Internet via Telekom’s cellular network, the solution adjusts the system precisely to the actual light conditions. On the web interface of the Cloud of Things, Telekom’s IoT platform, the operator has an overview of the system’s current status. If problems arise, he will receive alarm reports by e-mail or text message if requested.

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Customer benefit

Smart lighting management saves the operator up to 40 percent of energy costs compared with conventional alternatives and thereby contributes toward the building’s sustainability. Defective LEDs no longer go unnoticed for weeks and the building is illuminated very well and makes a representative impression in the dark. When LEDs are nearing the end of their service life the operator can replace them predictively.

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Das Bild zeigt den Berliner Bogen in Hamburg, der ein 140 Meter breites Bassin überbrückt.

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