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How to control and manage your IoT project

How to control and manage your IoT project

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Cloud of Things – Deutsche Telekom's IoT Cloud

The Cloud of Things is our high-performance, cloud-based IoT application platform for the Internet of Things. You can use it to connect your devices and machines while monitoring and controlling them remotely. Out-of-the-box, no programming or installation (SaaS): Simply connect your devices, configure individual dashboards and get your first IoT project up and running!

The Cloud of Things collects the sensor data of your connected machines in real-time and analyzes it. And you’ll always have an overview of several parameters, such as pressure, RPM, temperature or position in your personal web portal. You’ll also have comprehensive analysis tools at your disposal to gain insights and trigger automated actions. It all makes it extremely easy to develop new business models, increase the efficiency of your systems and processes, reduce downtime and cut costs through predictive maintenance.

Illustration shows the functions of the Cloud of Things IoT platform
  • Real-time monitoring
    Keep track of sensor data from machines and devices in real-time and react to alarms and events.
  • Remote maintenance
    Remotely access your managed devices via the Cloud of Things web portal.
  • Multi-tenant capability
    Manage an unlimited number of separate subtenants.
  • Individual branding
    Easily customize the appearance of the Cloud of Things and the domain to match your brand identity.
  • Rules & alarms
    Define your own rules and alarms and rapidly react to deviations from defined thresholds. 
  • Comprehensive data analytics
    Detect anomalies early and make informed business decisions based on predictive models developed on your own.

The right version for every scenario

Maybe you want to monitor your devices from the cloud. Perhaps you’d like to manage machines at multiple locations and for different branches or brands. But what if you need to process sensitive or latency-critical data on your own servers? The Cloud of Things is available in three scalable versions that adapt to your individual requirements.

Cloud of Things

A cloud-based IoT platform that can collect and process data from connected devices, provide insights and trigger direct actions

Cloud of Things

A cloud-based IoT platform for multiple tenants that can collect and process data from connected devices, provide insights and trigger direct actions

Cloud of Things

A self-managed IoT platform hosted on your local server allowing you to coordinate all your IoT devices

Overview of Cloud of Things features

Professional add-ons for your specific application

Cloud of Things add-ons

Depending on the version, the Cloud of Things has several extensions available enabling you to get the most out of your IoT project. These can be added individually according to our modular system.

Here's how you benefit from Deutsche Telekom's IoT Cloud

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Get started with your project immediately
Our software-as-a-service from the cloud makes extra investments unnecessary. The clearly designed portal interface with preconfigured widgets is intuitive to use. The platform provides the most common industry protocols straight out of the box.

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Work securely with encryption
It’s never been easier to turn raw data into business intelligence. The Cloud of Things is your fast track to Industry 4.0, enabling your firm to remain competitive in the future. We can help you recognize new and profitable business models, as well as turn products into innovative services.

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Adjust the platform to your growth
Regardless if you’re starting out small or aim to vastly expand your devices and sensors: Cloud of Things is fully scalable. Our pay-as-you-grow plan ensures low investment costs by billing you only for your connected devices.

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Take advantage of our comprehensive service
Our full-service support for cloud integration and customization is always there for you. The Help & Service App provides all necessary manuals, FAQs and access to our hotline in one place.

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Get everything you need
Our end-to-end offering has everything you need from a single provider: certified devices, global connectivity, access to an IoT platform and the integration of your existing systems.

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Use our tools for developers
Connect existing systems to the Cloud of Things via an API and use our developer tools including SDKs and agents to help you to develop your own applications.

Possible use cases for our IoT Cloud

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We can help make your individual IoT project a success

Looking for the most reliable connectivity or the right hardware? Do you need support in developing ideas or implementing your plans? We can support your IoT project exactly where you need help the most.

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Cloud of Things: Plug in – get started – and expand as needed

With the Cloud of Things, you receive an instantly useable end-to-end IoT solution. Watch our video to learn how you can manage IoT devices in the cloud and immediately use the sensor data.  

Want to explore more videos about the manifold functions of our IoT platform? You can find them on our video channel.

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Frequently asked questions about IoT Clouds

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We are at your service!

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You need further information about one of our offers or have a specific question? We are happy to help you.

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