Fleet efficiency from the cloud

Anyone who manages corporate vehicle fleets frequently encounters the same problems of high administrative costs caused by a number of recurring manual activities: verifying driver’s licenses, keeping a logbook, planning maintenance, monitoring maximum kilometers for leased vehicles, or reading out data from mass memory and driver cards for fleet trucks. Added to this are high fuel and maintenance costs owing to unauthorized private use of vehicles or relentless driving behavior. Scheduling employees is also often laborious and time-intensive. This all results in unnecessary costs and suboptimal use of resources, since controlling is hardly possible in the absence of reliable data. With Drive & Track powered by Fleet Complete, companies can quickly and easily manage their fleets, assets, and mobile employees via a cloud-based platform. The solution automates troublesome fleet-related tasks, digitizes operational processes such as order processing and time recording, reduces running costs, and increases productivity through optimized route planning and simple controlling based on actually recorded data.

An overview of the advantages offered by Drive & Track

Save fuel

Reduce administrative costs
The logbook is automatically kept for you and complies with statutory and tax authority requirements. Maintenance management provides proactive information, including when leased vehicles have reached their maximum kilometers. Automatic remote readout of the digital tachograph and driver card ensures that you easily comply with statutory provisions.

Increase transparency

Create transparency
Automate reporting and obtain a clearer overview of your fleet and staff. Always have an eye on the current location of your vehicles as well as your employees, and which activities they have completed or still need to complete.

Improve security

Increase security
A comprehensive alarm system helps protect against unauthorized use and theft. There is also the option of a digital departure check and automated driver’s license verification via RFID in the vehicle.

Boost productivity

Increase efficiency
Optimize your route planning and recommend the most effective routes on the way to the next order in the future. Deliver to your customers more reliably and quickly, thereby generating additional revenue.

How it works

An intelligent blackbox displays a vehicle’s location, movement and trip time in the portal. Other connections in the vehicle provide information on driving behavior and consumption values. RFID-based driver recognition ensures that only authorized staff can drive the vehicles.

Based on this data, the platform creates detailed analysis reports on speeding offences, recorded working hours or idle times, among other things. This scalable solution is suitable for vehicle fleets of all sizes.

The most important functionality:

Drive & Track Fleet Performance

  • Live maps: 
    Track vehicles and company goods in near real time. Determine a predicted arrival time at any destination with just a few clicks, taking the current traffic situation into account.
  • Comprehensive reporting: 
    Detailed analysis reports on all collected data, such as consumption values, recorded working hours or activities carried out.
  • Electronic logbook and forms:
    Automatic logbook keeping – compliant with legal requirements and the tax authorities.
    Paperless order processing. Create your own forms and workflows with a building block system.
  • Real-time alarms: 
    A comprehensive alarm system informs you about unauthorized private use or theft of your vehicles, speeding offences, or idle times that are too long.
  • Driving behavior:
    You define target parameters for optimal driving and the system automatically informs you which drivers are complying with your requirements, and which drivers need to receive training.
  • Booking pool vehicles: 
    You can always see the location and availability of pool vehicles. Make bookings and logbook entries easily and directly via the app.
  • Mobile app:
    All data is also available on iOS or Android devices.

Unimaginable possibilities with packets tailored to your requirements

Fleet Complete BASIC

The Drive & Track platform provides an overview of your idle and trip times and tracks the location of fleet cars. Save time and reduce costs with automated processes. An electronic logbook records personal and business mileage for simple verification with the tax authorities. Easy installation of MGS60 or MGS30 – get started immediately, no workshop visits required.

Just EUR 11 per month

or a one-time charge of EUR 95 + EUR 8.50 per month

Fleet Complete STANDARD

The Drive & Track platform provides an overview of your idle and trip times and tracks the location of fleet cars. Save time and reduce costs with automated processes. Our comprehensive and intuitive-to-use modular forms toolbox makes it easy to take the first steps toward digital transformation. With Fleet Tracker STANDARD, SMEs can work virtually paper-free in the future and extensively digitize manual processes to achieve maximum efficiency. The MGS600 is connected to the vehicle’s power circuit and is invisibly integrated for this purpose.

Just EUR 18 per month

or a one-time charge of EUR 250 + EUR 10 per month

Fleet Complete ADVANCED

Fleet Tracker ADVANCED delivers vehicle- and driver-specific fuel consumption metrics and the option to compare fueling data. Analyzing driving behavior helps to minimize fleet operation costs. Save time and reduce process costs with automated processes. Our comprehensive and intuitive-to-use modular forms toolbox makes it easy to take the first steps toward digital transformation. The MGS620 is connected directly to the vehicle’s electronics and is invisibly integrated.

Just EUR 23 per month

or a one-time charge of EUR 300 + EUR 13.50 per month

Fleet Complete TRUCK

With Fleet Tracker TRUCK, transportation and logistics companies stay on top of their drivers’ driving and rest times and view real-time data on the location of fleet trucks. Complying with the legal requirements for the digital tachograph has never been simpler. Our comprehensive forms toolbox makes it easy to take first steps toward digital transformation. With Fleet Tracker TRUCK’s consumption and driving behavior reports, you can minimize your fleet operation costs. The MGS640 is connected directly to the vehicle’s electronics and is subsequently invisible.

Just EUR 32 per month

or a one-time charge of EUR 375 + EUR 21.50 per month

Fleet Complete CARSHARING

Corporate CARSHARING is the ideal solution for companies with vehicle pools as well as local authorities and public institutions looking to bring transparency to their vehicle management. Easy bookings via the intuitive-to-use app and the keyless entry option via smartphone simplify the changeover from individual company cars to a more cost-effective vehicle pool. Bookings are automatically billed or assigned to cost centers with little admin required – saving further costs in the process. Gain insights into fleet capacities and utilization with analyses of real data. And the ride-sharing function can be set up in line with individual parameters to reduce the number of unnecessary one-person trips. Invisible integration: the MGS230 is connected directly to the vehicle’s electronics, an RFID access system is included.

Just EUR 52 per month

or a one-time charge of EUR 350 + EUR 42 per month


PERSONAL TRACKER adds full transparency and ensures the safety of your employees working out in the field. You can display information at all times about their location, even in remote and undeveloped areas. If there is an emergency, your employee can hit a panic button and an emergency message is sent immediately to selected recipients. The message contains key information including the employee’s name and location to expedite response times.

Just EUR 13 per month

or a one-time charge of EUR 139 + EUR 9 per month

Fleet Complete ASSET TRACKER

ASSET TRACKER provides an overview of the current locations of your vehicles, machines, devices, and general assets. The ASSET TRACKER gives companies transparency and security. Easily and cost-effectively locate your mobile and partially mobile assets and view the complete movement history. Freely configurable alarms alert you to unauthorized use. ASSET TRACKER is available in a range of versions and can be further customized to a wide range of scenarios using additional sensors.

Just EUR 8.50 per month

or a one-time charge of EUR 49 + EUR 7.50 per month

Use cases – one solution for every sector


Secure fleet management with Fleet Complete

We visited Industrie- und Transportschutz Thüringen (ITT) in Erfurt: the company provides security services and transports money and valuables. Dynamic route planning and its associated fleet management help this security service provider plan routes optimally, ensure customer satisfaction, and also save costs at the same time.

Create employee motivation through private car use with Fleet Complete

We visited our customer Avant Gebäudedienste GmbH in Erfurt, who provides building cleaning and management services. CEO Mr. Lange explains about the problems that determined everyday life before Drive & Track was implemented: no overview of the cleaning troops’ vehicles, no information on arrival times for customers, no additional incentives for skilled staff such as electronic logbooks for private car use. This is now possible with Drive & Track. What’s more, after just three months, the service provider was able to reduce its costs by between 15 and 20 percent. Watch the video to find out how.

More efficient forest management with Drive & Track powered by Fleet Complete

Forst- und Landschaftsservice Boers GbR specializes in tree felling, energy timber trade, and landscape conservation. The company uses Drive & Track powered by Fleet Complete to locate company machines and to protect them from unauthorized use and theft. With the electronic logbook and detailed analysis reports are, billing is more accurate, route planning is improved, and machines are used more efficiently.

We are at your service!

You’d like to learn how Drive & Track can optimize your fleet management? Please feel free to contact us – our IoT experts will be happy to help and advise you.

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