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Fleet efficiency from the cloud

Anyone managing a corporate fleet faces the same challenges: Higher fuel and maintenance costs due to private vehicle usage, a lack of insight into fleet performance caused by no reporting, unnecessary expenses and downtime from poorly handled vehicles. Plus, billable hours frequently decrease when time logs are vague and there’s no clear overview of the drivers available. This all results in an extremely high administrative effort and cost. There’s quite simply a lack of transparency. With Drive & Track powered by Fleet Complete, you can manage your fleets, assets and mobile employees quickly and securely via a cloud-based platform. The solution improves company processes, lowers operating costs and boosts fleet productivity.

Your benefits from Drive & Track in overview

Save fuel

Save fuel
Optimize your routing and avoid driving unnecessary kilometers. Decrease fuel-burning empty runs and improve the maintenance of your vehicles for optimal fuel efficiency. Also avoid higher fuel usage caused by driving too fast.

Increase transparency

Increase transparency
Automate your reporting to improve your overview of real and planned costs. Say goodbye to manual time logging and ensure precise recording of hours driven. Always keep an eye on your drivers and vehicles. 

Improve security

Improve security
Protect your drivers, who are either alone or traveling in remote regions via location and status monitoring. Ensure their safety by being able to send help in an emergency.

Boost productivity

Boost productivity 
Optimize your navigation and recommend the best route on the way to the next job. Make on-time deliveries to your customers to increase your sales.

The most important functionality:

Drive & Track Fleet Performance
  • Live maps: 
    Locate vehicles and company assets in real-time
  • Driving behavior and driver ID: 
    Driving analysis and alerts for traffic violations such as speeding, hard breaking and reckless driving, etc.
  • Reporting: 
    Detailed analysis reporting for all data, including motor and sensor readings, recorded events and interactions
  • Fleet performance: 
    Results-based measurement of vehicle performance
  • Real-time alerts: 
    Automatic notification for unauthorized actions including theft and vehicle usage outside of work hours
  • Accident recognition: 
    Immediate notification when a vehicle is involved in an accident
  • Fleet maintenance: 
    Stay ahead of vehicle maintenance with 19 data-collection points to monitor motor activity

Use cases / Application examples / Testimonials

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