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IoT and Automotive

Steer Successfully into the Connected Future

Steer Successfully into the Connected Future

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C.A.S.E. transformation is in full swing. Automobiles are to become ever smarter, more connected and greener. That will require digital technologies and new process structures. With our solutions you will succeed in changing from a pure automotive company to a digitized mobility provider.

Find out how we can assist you with our solutions in the respective C.A.S.E. areas and how automotive enterprises are already utilizing the potential of the Internet of Things to increase their sales revenues. Our IoT solutions offer you the optimum amount of flexibility and consultation: our IoT experts will work with you to develop the exact tariff you need for your project to make it even more successful.

Recognize Challenges and Overcome Them Successfully Together

The automobile industry faces many challenges if it is to master the mobility turnaround, achieve sustainability objectives, satisfy customers and business partners and continue to keep up with the competition:

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  • Markets are changing and the importance of business models in areas other than vehicle production is increasing rapidly.

  • End customers increasingly expect digital services such as infotainment offerings or in-car WiFi.

  • Climate-friendly electromobility is the focal point of the future in the automobile industry.

Our Solutions for Your Success

Our approach is global. Our solutions are local. The following examples, taken from practice, demonstrate how our IoT solutions and our know-how can assist you with your digital transformation in the C.A.S.E. areas that are of crucial importance for your success.

C as in Connected

Connectivity is the basis of tomorrow’s mobility. It is the essential foundation for connected cars, autonomous driving, shared mobility services and much more. We contribute not only comprehensive expertise in connecting cities and people in the street. We also provide optimal connections around the world to enable our solutions to be integrated simply. Our professional, tried and trusted implementation management will accompany you from planning to successful implementation. Our tailor-made solutions for the swap process have already proved their worth in the market on many occasions.

Even in countries where local regulations do not permit permanent data roaming, we can connect your project through partnerships and local connectivity approaches. Our global network of data centers ensures that the data from your IoT project is processed with the greatest level of failure security and the least possible latency.

Visualization of connected cars on a highway
  • V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything): The connected cars of the future will communicate with their entire surroundings (Car2x). They will share data with other vehicles (Car2Car), with the smartphones of drivers and pedestrians (Vehicle-to-Pedestrian, V2P), and with the traffic infrastructure (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure, V2I). This data includes wide-ranging sensor technology. We provide the technology to enable you to connect your cars.

  • Global Connectivity: Globally networked vehicles and successful IoT projects depend on reliable networks to deliver, say, Over-the-Air (OTA) updates or to provide in-car WiFi. With roaming, local solutions and customized tariffs we are at your service wherever you would like to take your business forward digitally. Click here for an overview of our international network.
  • In-Car Experience: The car of tomorrow is connected. Our HotSpot Drive and MobilityConnect solutions provide you with the ideal network for calls and data traffic on the go. The vehicle’s antenna ensures excellent voice quality, while your passengers can stream music or videos in the highest resolution with up to 10 devices simultaneously via the integrated 5G hotspot. Calls and internet connection work immediately when you get in the car – no log-in or smartphone necessary. And should you change vehicles, HotSpot Drive and MobilityConnect automatically transfer your settings and services.
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  • PRISMA: Clear communication and fast response times are crucial for global IoT projects. With PRISMA (Performance Reporting International Service Management Application), we offer you exactly that: a team of experts as a central point of contact, a web-based management system for transparency and performance monitoring, as well as premium support for emergencies. We make IoT projects simple and secure for you.
  • Regional Packet Gateways: Global IoT applications such as autonomous driving or Car2Car communication require fast response times. Our solution: Regional Packet Gateways. Instead of routing data around the world, we route it to our globally distributed gateways, resulting in extremely low latencies. Prioritized quality of service classes ensure that critical data is prioritized. The result: 60 % lower latency and 100 % higher data throughput for your IoT project.

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  • Tailored APN: Security requirements are often diverse in complex IoT projects. For example, data from a wide variety of sensors must be managed securely in a networked car. We offer a solution: using individual Access Point Names (APN), we can strictly separate data streams from one another with a SIM card. This allows us to comply with security and legal regulations in different countries without increasing the complexity of the project.
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  • HotSpot Drive: HotSpot Drive provides fast WLAN in your car at all times. Whether passengers need internet to read emails, take video calls or use streaming services – HotSpot Drive provides a stable internet connection at all times. The external antenna provides a high-quality connection, far exceeding that of a smartphone.

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A as in Autonomous

From sensors that measure distances and artificial intelligence that can assess traffic situations and respond to them to the connectivity that interlinks all these processes, autonomous driving depends on this technology and on it interacting smoothly.

A man in the driver's seat is leafing through a newspaper while the car drives itself.
  • Mobile Edge Computing: Autonomous vehicles and driver assistance systems must be able to react to their surroundings almost in real time. Data processing latencies should therefore be as low as possible. Our powerful Edge Computing infrastructure brings its computing power as close as possible to your vehicles so that your data does not have to be rerouted via the cloud.
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  • Precise Positioning: From navigation devices to drones and augmented reality games – many IoT applications require highly precise positioning data. To achieve this accuracy, Deutsche Telekom and Swift Navigation have set up a network of reference stations in Europe and the USA. These detect deviations in GPS data and provide correction data via the cloud. This enables us to reduce the inaccuracy of satellite navigation systems and determine the position of IoT devices to an accuracy of less than ten centimetres.

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S as in Shared

Shared mobility holds forth the promise of lower CO2 emissions, less congested roads and a comfortable user experience regardless of which means of transportation is involved. For the principle to work, however, the underlying technology – network, platforms, etc. – must be right.

Woman checks position of ride service she requested via smartphone
  • Carsharing: Sharing cars is a sustainable mobility concept with a future. More and more people use carsharing facilities and at the same time expect outstanding usability – usability provided, say, by mobile apps that simplify processes such as booking and unlocking. With MobilityConnect we ensure that your cars integrate seamlessly into the digitized daily lives of their users.

  • Mobility as a Service: Carsharing is only one aspect of shared mobility. Courier services are another. IoT ensures a decisive advantage over the competition because, for example, customers can see the precise position of the car requested live on their smartphone after booking it on that very device.

E as in Electric

Environmentally harmful combustion engines will soon be on the way out. We must now pave the way for electromobility, which is easier on the climate, in cars themselves and in the infrastructure too. That is a project which can only succeed by dint of joint endeavors.

Person schließt Ladekabel an die Ladebuchse eines E-Autos an.
  • E-Charging: Society and politicians increasingly expect mobility to be climate-friendly. Taxes on CO2 emissions are hiked and electric vehicles are subsidized (by Germany’s Electromobility Act). The industry and with it the vehicle manufacturers must also answer ethical questions on environmental and climate protection if they are to remain successful. Our corporate charging solutions enable you to head for a sustainable future with charging stations for EVs on campus or at the premises of your customers or dealers. We will take care of consulting, planning, installation, and maintenance – and thanks to our modular end-to-end portfolio you will benefit from maximum flexibility.

A Strong Partner for All of Your IoT Projects

Visualization of the Telekom IoT partner ecosystem components in the form of hexagon-shaped building blocks

We connect cars: From us you receive everything from a single source to ensure the success of your transformation into a mobility service provider. Our holistic approach combines connectivity and IoT solutions with the knowledge and resources of a system integrator and a consulting company.

Mobility is a global market. We think internationally too, which is why our services are available in all major regions. No matter where in the world you would like to be more successful, our B2B and B2C end-to-end solutions are at your service, as is our wide-ranging partner network. At the same time you benefit from the unbeatable simplicity of one partner, one network, worldwide.

Complex Projects Solved Easily

Switching provider in your connected vehicles is a challenge for many manufacturers. We are perfectly at ease with the swap process and are happy to help you reconnect your vehicles – over the air and without a workshop visit. Watch our interactive video and see for yourself how our solution works.

E-Book: Full Speed Ahead into the Digital Future

E-Book: Full Speed Ahead into the Digital Future

Autonomous driving, e-mobility and new customer needs have long transformed automakers into full-scale service providers. Let us show you what can be accomplished by means of digitization.

Download e-book now

Autonomous driving, e-mobility and new customer needs have long transformed automakers into full-scale service providers. Let us show you what can be accomplished by means of digitization.

Download e-book now

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Examples of our satisfied customers

We are at your service!

We are at your service!

Would you like to start up for the future now and know how we can take your company onto the overtaking lane with the aid of IoT? Then get in touch with us. We will advise you individually and find the best solution for your business.

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Would you like to start up for the future now and know how we can take your company onto the overtaking lane with the aid of IoT? Then get in touch with us. We will advise you individually and find the best solution for your business.

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Other Solutions for the Automotive Industry

The automobile is the main focus of interest for automakers and OEMs, but production and logistics are also of crucial importance for them. We provide both for manufacturing industry and for transportation and logistics IoT solutions to enable companies to increase their efficiency and their success sustainably.

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For the manufacturing industry

Make manufacturing more efficient with Predictive Maintenance and add value to your physical products with digital services.

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For logistics

More efficiency and reliability in the logistics supply chain, thanks to digital solutions: From intelligent route optimisation and smart scanners to transparent monitoring of goods.

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