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IoT networks & tariffs

The right mobile network for every IoT idea

The right mobile network for every IoT idea

Imagine that your machines and devices communicate with one another wirelessly: Containers constantly report their position to you, so that you are not surprised by delays. You can see how many people are currently in each of your branches at a glance. Machines warn you before they need to be repaired and operation has to be shut down. Networked sensors allow you to monitor and improve your company’s processes efficiently and in real time. That is the Internet of Things – and it’s all made possible by the mobile network of Deutsche Telekom.

Previously unimagined possibilities for companies

Why choose the Deutsche Telekom mobile network?

As varied as IoT applications are, they have one thing in common: Nearly all of them are wireless. But what is the most effective way to connect such a large number of devices? The best option is through a mobile network – Deutsche Telekom’s area of expertise. It is available virtually all over the world, with completely uniform standards wherever you are. Therefore, your IoT devices can move freely and have maximum mobility.

For your IoT project, Telekom's mobile network offers excellent network coverage and maximum reliability. It was awarded the title “best network” by the trade magazine Connect! for the ninth time in a row. Should the DT network in Germany not be sufficient, your IoT devices can also access the networks of other providers with the Best Coverage option. We also have several roaming partners in most countries worldwide. This way we always ensure the best connection for your IoT project – worldwide. The mobile network of Telekom offers you these tangible benefits:

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Telekom’s mobile network allows you to get your project started quickly without the costly installation of senders or cable connections.

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Deutsche Telekom offers certified hardware, connectivity and a platform from a single source, so that the seamless interplay of all parts is ensured.

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Deutsche Telekom is internationally recognized as the leading provider of cyber security solutions. Our high security standards protect your networks, cloud and IoT from hacker attacks and relieve your IT department of security tasks.

Four elements of successful IoT networking

Networking is a critical part of every IoT project. Our experience from numerous projects shows that four aspects are decisive here:

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Certified hardware for seamless interplay

Nahaufnahme von Hardware Bauteilen

To enable machines to access the mobile network, they need an IoT module. This is a chip with a sender and a receiver, like the one that can be found in every smartphone. Just like a smartphone, this IoT module needs a SIM card to log in to the network – either in the form of a classic card or as an eSIM or nuSIM integrated in the module. With Deutsche Telekom, you will receive the hardware and the mobile network from a single source. To enable all parts of your project to work together smoothly, we offer a portfolio of certified devices including IoT modules, gateways and routers. In doing so, we ensure that no lengthy adjustments are necessary and that your project can get up and running quickly.

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A mobile network optimized for the objectives of your project

Mobile networks all over the world are currently undergoing a transformation: Old networks such as 3G are being switched off, while new ones such as 5G or NB-IoT are being rolled out. During this time of change, consultation is decisive – especially for customers with international requirements. And you can always count on the experience of our consultants when it comes to choosing the right network technology for you. We will help you decide which mobile network is best suited to your IoT project: 2G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M or NarrowBand IoT? In some cases, these technologies differ greatly in terms of data rate, delay, coverage in buildings and battery life. The main question is which of these four properties is decisive for the success of your project.

Illustration of use cases & features of different mobile networks

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A tariff that fits your individual needs

If you know which mobile network is best suited for your needs, we offer you the right tariff as well. Of course, as with a smartphone contract, the data volume plays an important role here. Because companies have far more specific requirements than smartphone users, however, we have put together a portfolio ranging from standard tariffs with preconfigured SIM cards, to enable you to get started quickly, all the way up to individual offers that allow you to determine the duration, billing mode and country coverage yourself. We also offer pooling as an option: Instead of defining a data volume per SIM card, we can agree on a common quota for all active cards. This makes administration particularly easy for you. This way , we can find the perfect tariff for all of your IoT ideas.

IoT for starters

Our IoT experts can help you quickly launch your IoT projects at competitive rates. Easily test our IoT networks from NB-IoT to 5G without lengthy runtimes.

Business Comfort Connect

We compose an individual tariff within a few days from modules such as country coverage or duration, including attractive pooling conditions.

Business Choice Connect

Our IoT experts provide you with comprehensive advice and develop your own personal offering together with you, including the possible use of attractive pooling rates.

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Efficient management of your connections

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IoT projects can consist of hundreds or even thousands of devices that are networked together by mobile telephony – each equipped with a SIM card and a suitable tariff. Such a large number of connections requires special management. With our IoT Customer Portal (M2M Service Portal 3.0) you can therefore easily manage SIM cards, contracts, invoices and usage data for large numbers of connections via a web portal or integrate them directly into your business processes via an API programming interface. SIM cards can be rebooked or deactivated in no time at all and tariffs can be adapted to new requirements. The portal monitors the connection status, usage and costs of your SIM cards with smart functions, which prevent overruns and detect misuse of your devices. And with flexible reports and evaluations, you always have full control over your costs – to exploit the potential of your IoT projects even more.

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Examples of our satisfied customers

Would you like to check if NB-IoT or LTE-M is also available at your location?

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Check availability in Germany

  • Overview of the status of the NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) and LTE for Machine Type Communication (LTE-M) networks in Germany
  • Detailed availability check of NB-IoT / LTE-M at your specific location

Check availability in Germany

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Check global coverage

  • We work with many partners worldwide in Mobile IoT – and our network keeps growing!

  • Check the availability of NB-IoT, LTE-M and the classic networks of our more than 600 roaming partners around the world in an interactive map

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We unite to simplify global IoT connectivity

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More and more industries rely on mobile networking of their products. Internationally active companies need their solutions to function smoothly around the world. But the challenges are complex.

In order to eliminate these obstacles for corporate customers Telekom has concluded worldwide joint offers such as with T-Mobile US. Learn how T-Mobile U.S. and Deutsche Telekom make connecting global IoT projects easier for multinational organizations.

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Our SIM card portfolio – top flexibility for your project

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IoT devices have different requirements than cell phones. Our portfolio of SIM cards optimised for the Internet of Things offers maximum coverage, performance and the ultimate flexibility.

  • Classic plug-in SIM card in various sizes
  • Industry SIM or high-end SIM for extreme environments
  • Embedded SIM (eSIM) for industrial demands

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We are at your service!

We are at your service!

Do you need more information about our offers or do you have specific questions? We will be happy to help you!

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Do you need more information about our offers or do you have specific questions? We will be happy to help you!

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Whitepaper: IoT Connectivity Guide

Would you like to know more about what you need to be aware of in connecting your products via the cell network? Which hurdles you need to clear in an international rollout? Or how best to manage your connections and their IoT components? You will all the answers in our free IoT Connectivity Guide whitepaper.

Please note: The form section for the download, the following communication and the whitepaper are in German.

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Webinar: A network for every pot – Eyes open when selecting a network

In our webinar we have summarized what is important when networking your IoT project. Check out the highlight video or visit us on YouTube to watch the entire webinar.

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