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Smart Building Management with IoT
Smart Building Management with IoT

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Increase the Use of your Properties and Secure their Value

As a building manager, you are a generalist: Not only are you responsible for the needs of residents and users, but also for secure access, technical maintenance, services, and controlling costs associated with your properties. Our IoT solutions support you in this broad role by streamlining processes and turning commercial buildings into smart, sustainable, secure, and comfortable buildings that adapt to occupant needs. This helps you to create added value for owners, operators, users, and residents.

Building managers face numerous challenges

Digitalization with the IoT affords many opportunities to optimize building management. Here are some challenges that can be tackled with digital solutions.

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High Energy Costs
Expenditure on energy is considerable. In addition, buildings can have complex and varying energy consumption profiles, depending on factors such as property type and usage. Building managers therefore always need up-to-date data to analyse and control energy consumption in real time.

High Personnel Costs
Labour for cleaning, maintenance, and security has high operational costs. Deploying labour efficiently and according to need is challenging. The use of technology and automation in building management can reduce the number of necessary employees. This lowers personnel costs while maintaining the same quality of service.

Indoor Climate Management
Pleasant indoor air is crucial for the health and satisfaction of building users. Excessively high temperatures, odours, and humidity must be avoided. However, intensive indoor and outdoor air exchange increases energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Heterogeneous Building Stock
Building managers must keep track of a myriad of buildings in many different locations. Collecting, managing, and analysing data on building performance requires suitable systems and technologies.

Smart buildings offer the following advantages

We offer solutions for every use case

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Examples and use cases

Reasons to use Deutsche Telekom

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For critical applications
Our award-winning networks ensure reliable reception around the clock for critical applications such as alarm and fire protection – both within Germany and internationally.

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Individualised solutions
Solution orchestration allows our applications to be seamlessly integrated into your systems and processes and individually optimised for your particular use case.

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High level of technical expertise
The combined expertise of 2000 developers and our experience from several dozen successfully realised projects ensure the success of your project.

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Reliable partner
Our multi-layered partner network consists exclusively of industry champions. Our long-standing collaboration with these partners guarantees the optimum implementation of your projects.

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E-Book Smart Building: The intelligent building

Would you like to find out more about how to make your building more energy efficient? How to network technical systems most effectively? Or how you can create added value for users and residents? Our smart building e-book provides answers with many use cases and references from the field.

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We are at your service!

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You need further information about one of our offers or have a specific question? We are happy to help you.

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