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IoT in Retail

Take Your Retail Successfully into the Future

Take Your Retail Successfully into the Future

Few business sectors are in the throes of change as starkly as retail is. Digital technologies around the Internet of Things (IoT) help you to hold your own in this challenging environment. Optimize your store management and keep your cool chains unbroken at all times. Create outstanding shopping experiences for existing and new customers. Or link your offline and online business seamlessly. With our solutions you will successfully complete the transformation from a plain vanilla retailer to a digitized shopping provider.

Find out the areas in which we can support you with our solutions and how retailers are already using the potential of the Internet of Things to increase their sales. We will help you to become even more successful at your business.

Identify Challenges and Meet Them Successfully Together

Retail faces numerous challenges if it is to achieve sales targets, satisfy customers and hold its own against the competition:

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  • The best of both worlds: The shopping experience of the future will combine the advantages of stationary and online retail business.

  • Retailers who are as flexible and agile as possible can hold their own better against e-commerce providers.

  • Optimal efficiency in store management and real-time transparency in the supply chain are becoming decisive success factors.

  • Digital technologies can help employees to process orders faster and improve customer service.

  • Customers and business partners are paying increasing attention to sustainability. Retailers face the task of using resources not only economically but also on an environmentally sound basis.

Our Solutions for Your Success

The following examples from practice show you how our IoT solutions and our knowhow can support you in the very areas that are of decisive importance for your success.

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Improve Shopping and Service Experiences

  • Digitization of Stores: Digital technologies in the market can optimize customer experiences and work processes in equal measure. Digitally connected reverse vending machines, for example, inform the system automatically when they need to be emptied. And digital price tags enable you to offer customers valuable additional information and to react swiftly to price adjustments by other (online) retailers.

  • Interactive Shopping: Customers expect attractive shopping experiences in stationary retail outlets. With our solutions you offer more interaction at the point of sale, such as by means of touch displays or digital signage and electronic shelf labeling or smart tags that customers can scan with their smartphones for additional product information. By using mobile hand scanners, customers can pay for purchases themselves without having to stand in line at the checkout.
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Workforce Enablement

  • Connected Worker: Mobile smart scanners make hands-free working possible, such as by using ring scanners attached to a glove. They supply employees with all of the inventory information, thereby ensuring transparency along the supply chain from which communication between employees also benefits. Advice to customers benefits too because employees can always provide sound information.

  • Connected Store: Thanks to digital access management only people who are authorized to do so can enter the store or the storeroom. Queue management eases the burden on checkout and info stand personnel. By connecting your store by LTE, fiber-optic cable, WLAN, etc. we make IoT applications of this kind possible and take the digitization of retail forward.
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Boost Efficiency and Reliability

  • Asset Tracking: If employees have to look for shopping carts, work material or merchandise in the storeroom that costs time and does so unnecessarily. Losses incur additional costs. Our IoT tracking systems are the solution. They locate items and send the data to the cloud, where all employees can see where they are on a dashboard.

  • Digital Intralogistics: Efficient intralogistics is an important step toward preventing goods bottlenecks and lost sales and optimizing the supply chain. Our IoT technology creates total transparency in the storeroom. Trackers locate merchandise and automated processes improve incoming and outgoing goods inspection.
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Manage Resources Sustainably

  • Protect Goods: If freezers break down unnoticed in-store or in transit, perishables such as foodstuffs must be destroyed because temperatures were too high. Resources are wasted, waste is created and costs are incurred as a result. Shock in transit can also damage sensitive goods. Our IoT technology can help with, say, condition monitoring based on temperature and shock sensors. The cold chain is unbroken and you are spared the damage.

  • Smart Energy Management: Is a freezer open and using a lot of electricity unnecessarily? Do you lack transparency about energy consumption in stores and at administrative premises? Connect your buildings and, with them, your retail business comprehensively with the aid of our IoT solutions. They enable you to implement carbon dioxide emission-reducing measures in buildings at an early stage. Environmental protection is not a trend; it is the future.

E-Book: Smarter Retail

E-Book: Smarter Retail

Smart retail solutions are an ace up your sleeve. For clarity about current capacity utilization, better health and safety, improved planning reliability, faster processes. Useful practical hints for digital transformation can be found in our trend book.

Download e-book now

Smart retail solutions are an ace up your sleeve. For clarity about current capacity utilization, better health and safety, improved planning reliability, faster processes. Useful practical hints for digital transformation can be found in our trend book.

Download e-book now

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Examples of our satisfied customers

A Strong Partner for All Your IoT Projects

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From a one-stop shop we provide you with all the components you need in order to integrate the Internet of Things successfully into your company – transparently and in a modular and user-friendly way. We are your ideal partner: from consulting and connection to our powerful IoT Cloud to system integration and choosing the right hardware.

Benefit from our partner network, our first-class connectivity and unlimited interoperability. Together we will work out which challenges you face and we will look after the rest, be it orchestration or all-inclusive management. So that you can launch your IoT project at minimal effort and expense and scale it flexibly in the future.

Our Promise to You

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We are a one-stop source for all the components you need to integrate the Internet of Things

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We offer modular, individual configuration and usage-based payment model

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Thanks to German and European data centers your machine, process and customer data is optimally protected

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Our solutions offer high availability, are resilient and work flawlessly even under maximum load and adverse conditions

We are at your service!

We are at your service!

Digitization in the branch, multichannel sales, data analytics or digital shopping experiences for customers – all challenges we help solve with IoT solutions.

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Digitization in the branch, multichannel sales, data analytics or digital shopping experiences for customers – all challenges we help solve with IoT solutions.

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