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IoT in Transportation and Logistics

Shape the Supply Chain of the Future Now

Shape the Supply Chain of the Future Now

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Logistics is one of the most competitive and dynamic industries around. Make use of the opportunities the Internet of Things (IoT) offers to ensure that you and your company are on target optimally, today and in the future, and can hold your ground against the competition – from incoming goods inspection and machine maintenance to last-mile delivery. With our IoT solutions you will complete the successful transformation from a shipping company pure and simple to a digitized logistics provider.

Discover the areas in which we can support you with our solutions and how enterprises are already using the IoT to implement the concept of smart logistics. We help you to be even more successful in your business.

Recognize Challenges, Meet Them Together Successfully

Logistics and transportation companies face numerous challenges if they are always to be truck’s length ahead of the competition as they progress toward digitized logistics:

A man in work clothes directs several trucks at a container port.
  • In a crowded market small-scale truckers and midrange logistics enterprises alike must hold their own.

  • They must use resources efficiently in order to achieve their sustainability objectives and fulfill both statutory requirements and customers’ needs for eco-friendlier shipping networks.

  • Low margins mean companies must manage resources economically so that they can boost productivity and cut costs.

  • Employees need digital aids in order to handle high order volumes optimally and keep delivery times to a minimum.

  • Networks are needed along the supply chain to enable companies to share data and optimize services and service experiences.

Our Solutions for Your Success

The following use cases will show you how our IoT solutions can support you in the very areas that are of crucial importance for your future success.

Container ship, rail and truck at a container port

Enhance Efficiency and Reliability

  • Fleet Management: Track-and-trace solutions serve not only to keep the current status of your fleet under constant scrutiny and to utilize it optimally. They also help with dynamic route planning by enabling subsequent suppliers to use alternative routes, thereby optimizing delays and, indeed, the last mile.

  • Digital Intralogistics and Incoming Goods Inspection: Our IoT solutions enhance your efficiency both on the road and in the warehouse. Automated order processes save time, simplify processes and reduce errors. As goods are checked into and deregistered from the system automatically, efficient incoming goods inspection and inventory management are made possible.
A man holding a tablet and a woman smile at the camera, in the background a warehouse worker scans a package.

Improve Service Experiences

  • New Business Models: In Logistics 4.0 merely delivering the goods is no longer enough. With our solutions companies can add to their offering and position themselves more flexibly and more sustainably. By using IoT sensors to record data you offer customers added value in the form of digital services.

  • Smart Transport Monitoring: Our IoT solutions optimize transport monitoring. Trackers and temperature sensors make transparent shipment tracking possible, including condition monitoring of goods and tracking of vehicles. So your ETA is more precise, you avoid defective deliveries and you increase customer satisfaction.
A truck digitally modeled from green leaves drives across a green field, blue sky can be seen in the background.

Manage Resources Sustainably

  • E-Mobility: With our help you can drive your firm’s sustainability forward and use alternative sources of energy. By e-charging at logistics hubs, for example. EVs reduce greenhouse gas emissions, making logistics greener and meeting customers’ requirements for better environmental protection.

  • Make Your Business Eco-Friendly: Our digital technologies enable you to reduce your ecological footprint. IoT sensor technology gives you full control over your energy consumption in buildings, so you can optimize it. RFID labels and digital shipping documents reduce both your labor input and your garbage output. Paper checklists are history. Reduce your fleet’s CO2 emissions by using, for instance, ideal, dynamic route planning.
Two hands hold up a tablet in a warehouse, on and next to the screen are virtual boxes with information about the goods.

Workforce Enablement

  • Smart Order Picking: By means of Pick-by-Vision, Pick-by-Scan, Pick-by-Voice or Augmented Reality Picking using data glasses, your order pickers can benefit from smart technology. They will have all the information they need in the right place and can work faster and with greater precision.

  • Smart Maintenance: Remote maintenance spares your employees lengthy breakdown outages and makes vehicle inspection easier. Thanks to predictive maintenance trucks can be kept in good condition and downtimes can be reduced. Our IoT solutions lay the groundwork for ideal condition monitoring by connecting your vehicles, enabling you to analyze and optimize your employees’ driving, leading to less wear and tear.

E-Book: People in Logistics

E-Book: People in Logistics

Read in our e-book how companies are using digital solutions to assist transportation and warehouse employees with their daily work routine and thereby put more efficient processes in place.

Download e-book now

Read in our e-book how companies are using digital solutions to assist transportation and warehouse employees with their daily work routine and thereby put more efficient processes in place.

Download e-book now

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Get insights into best practices and practical tips for the most important application fields in transport and logistics and learn how you can successfully transform into a digitized logistics provider.

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E-Book: The World of Tracking

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Cover image e-book "Smarter Logistics"

E-Book: Smarter Logistics

Logistics offers great potential for digitization and the generation of data. The current changes show that digital pioneers are more resistant, recognize risks in good time and operate more efficiently.

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More Efficiency and Sustainability in Logistics with Digitalization and IoT

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A Strong Partner for All Your IoT Projects

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From a one-stop shop we provide you with all the components you need in order to integrate the Internet of Things successfully into your company – transparently and in a modular and user-friendly way. We are your ideal partner: from consulting and connection to our powerful IoT Cloud to system integration and choosing the right hardware.

Benefit from our partner network, our first-class connectivity and unlimited interoperability. Together we will work out which challenges you face and we will look after the rest, be it orchestration or all-inclusive management. So that you can launch your IoT project at minimal effort and expense and scale it flexibly in the future.

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We are at your service!

We are at your service!

With our numerous IoT solutions, we help companies to make their supply chains transparent, to optimize processes, to make them more sustainable and to develop new business models.

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With our numerous IoT solutions, we help companies to make their supply chains transparent, to optimize processes, to make them more sustainable and to develop new business models.

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